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From the Editor

Food: The Communists’ Weapon of Choice

The coming battle will be fought in our grocery stores

By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

February 20, 2013

While the gun debate is raging over the banking system’s vehement desire to use government to disarm us all and make us their pet slaves, it is being lost on most in society—on either side of the debate—what the real strategy of all banker-run, Communist style governments has been throughout history. That is, they do disarm people, but first they have to starve them into submission.

I received a E-mail note from a friend on my mailing list the other day who made that simple observation. He said;

“Amidst all the pro-gun breast-beating and lines in the sand being drawn, people had best think a little ways beyond their guns. It is true that every genocide in history has been preceded by gun control, but the actual mechanism of genocide was starvation by intent. The Marxist Mafia infesting the White House will most likely not beat down our doors confiscating weapons; rather, what they will do is disrupt our very complex food distribution system and set up ‘refugee processing centers’ to ‘save us’ from empty supermarkets. The price for food and shelter will be our firearms, our ammunition, our liberty, and our labor growing food so THEY can eat well. We'd best set down our tactical self-defense plans and start thinking about maintaining our food distribution system, riding shotgun if necessary, and figuring out how to defeat that [unmanned government aerial] drone at 17,500 feet targeting the 18-wheeler full of vegetables heading our way.”

He makes an interesting point about controlling food and the government forcing us to grow it for “them.” In the U.S. Army’s latest Internment and Resettlement Operations manual, FM 3-39.40, dated February, 2010, work farms are described for civilian detainees to force them to work to produce food for the military and to sustain their prison labor camp. The manual states:

“Where practical, detainees will be required to raise vegetables for their use. This work is classified as paid work. Agricultural and gardening projects are particularly desirable because they provide gainful employment for large numbers of individuals. The food produced by the gardening projects provides a valuable supplement to detainee diets at a minimal expense. The produce from gardens is U.S. property. It will be used for the benefit of detainees and U.S. armed forces and will not be sold or traded in civilian markets.” (see FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations, Department of the Army, Appendix J, paragraph J-75).

Here are some additional points to consider on the gun control issue:

¥Whenever a political story consumes all the time of the mainstream media, whether real or contrived, you can count on the federal government using that as a smokescreen to do something else outside of our view and attention span.

¥Economist, Max Keiser predicted, last November, that the world’s economy was going to start unraveling in April of this year. He said by comparison, 2008 was just the warm-up stages of the $240 trillion unpayable derivatives bubble. It’s not going to be pretty.

¥The U.S. Senate just passed a bill to “suspend” the debt limit – that is, only borrow money to pay outstanding bills that are currently coming due. Last month, Maine’s senator, Angus King said this gives them four more months to deal with the debt ceiling issue. January plus four months equals April—May, close to Max Kaiser’s timeline predicted above.

¥While the feds wanting to eliminate guns from our hands is the wish of all good communists, they know they won’t really have enough time to fully implement their plans before the economic collapse, even if all the votes pass. If you can count on one thing, that is the inefficiency of government – especially monolithic government. The State of California can’t even get around to confiscating the guns of those who have been adjudicated as illegal to possess them because they don’t have enough money or staff to do it.

¥Rather than gun confiscation, all good communists throughout history have resorted to the tried and tested weapon of choice: food. If they can starve us out by causing an artificial disruption in the supply of food to the grocery stores* and/or a concomitant disruption in the food stamps and welfare checks, they will have the desired social discord that they want so they can step in as the savior of the proletariat classes from the bourgeois. Starvation is a lot less messy and a lot more safer for the D.C. communists, there’s no need for a full frontal assault. They just have to sit back and wait till our bellies start growling. The price for government food handouts and a semblance of “safety” in the relocation camps – which will be the size of entire counties – will be your guns and ammo along with whatever property you may have that can be turned over as collateral to the banks to discharge our national debt.

(*or, make the grocery business financially untenable so the stores cannot afford to stay open. Ask any grocery store owner what their concerns are about the future of their business when ObamaCare kicks in.)

Even if you don’t give up your guns, communists are patient. They’ll simply resort to the Stalinesque tactic of starving people out. Hungry soldiers don’t fight, after all. Brother, can you spare some beans? I can’t eat these bullets.

Hey, they might even concoct a narrative for the mainstream media where the people with guns are the reason there are food shortages. That will make their gun confiscation program even that much easier to implement amidst the tattletale society we now live in who would by then be irate from their hunger pains and listening to the crying of their hungry babies. Think about these points for just a minute.

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