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From the Editor

U.S. National Debt Visualized


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

February 6, 2013

Sometime within the next four months the United States government is either going to have to increase its borrowing limit past the $16.4 trillion it is currently pegged at, or begin to default on its national debt.  The website: has provided some great artwork for a visual representation of the scale of our national debt.

However, most of the “money” that is in circulation today was fraudulently brought into existence as a ledger entry in a computer – it does not necessarily have a paper Federal Reserve Note counterpart in existence. Ergo, most of our “debt” exists in the virtual world, created out of nothing but a few keystrokes on a computer and is no longer backed by silver, or gold. The only reason it has any value is the banks are able to use men with guns (i.e. police, military, etc.) to enforce collection of that fake, intangible money with tangible goods, such as homes, cars, land, etc. which compels people to labor to exchange their labor for that fake digital money in the first place in order to keep guys with black ski masks (i.e. cops, military, etc) off their backs.

When it comes to the national debt, where the citizenry-at-large owe it, thanks to the misdeeds of our incredibly stupid and short-sighted U.S. Representatives and Senators operating at the behest of the un-elected power-broker criminals within the banking and military-industrial-complex who actually run the country, the same applies. But, unlike a home or car, the way you foreclose on a country is to:


1.) disarm the people;

2.) round them up via a natural or man-made disaster;

3.) exterminate them either through starvation, attrition, artificially created virus epidemics, civil war or police state crackdown; and

4.) take their property wholesale to give to the banks who hold the country's debt.

Looking back, you can see the police and military have been groomed for those above bullet-points (pun intended) for at least the past 20 years. Today, we see a massive, scaled-up push (or “putsch” - look it up in the dictionary!) to disarm the U.S. citizenry so the banks can move in with our police and foreign military to confiscate our property as collateral on our national debt.

Of course, the bankers have to leave a few million slave laborers around to build their office furniture, computers, fancy buildings, man the prisons, etc. But, they’ll continue to extort those people’s labor at gunpoint via their debt money system that started it all to begin with.

As for our national debt credit limit, I predict the idiots in Congress will posture and complain, then ultimately vote to plunge us further into an unpayable debt that is simply discharged with more debt later.

But, I digress. The following link illustrates vividly the problem of our national debt:





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