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How Progressive Ideologies Will Destroy Organized Society





By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, January 30, 2019


   My wife and I own around 10 acres of woods by the house we built five years ago.   From time to time a tree will fall down and need to be cut up to maintain the trail system I’m slowly developing.

   As I cut up those dead trees, more often than not I’ll stumble upon a large nest of black ants in the center.  These ants, having made that tree their home, incessantly chew and tunnel their way up and down the center of the tree until it essentially has a hollow core.   Unable to take up adequate water, and devoid of the necessary minerals it needs to survive, the tree dies and ultimately topples over.  The ants are oblivious to the effects they are having on the tree.  They don’t exercise prudent husbandry when it comes to building and maintaining a home.  They just continue to eat and eat and eat and eat until the tree falls over and they have to go to work to find another tree and start the building process all over again.  They don’t realize that by consuming it, they are destroying the very foundation of what they call home.

   When we built our house, we opted for a concrete foundation poured into an integral mold of Styrofoam blocks.  Since I was going to be the one doing the actual building, I opted for the Styrofoam blocks over the traditional plywood molds because I had never done a plywood mold before and didn’t have the time to learn.  I did, however, spend a lot of time playing with Legos as a kid and since the Styrofoam blocks were essentially a giant Lego set, I had no problem putting them together.  (As an aside, that new technology is really the way to do a concrete foundation since the finished wall has two inches of Styrofoam insulation on the inside and outside.  If you’re planning on a foundation, that’s the way to go).

   The foundation turned out well and I commenced building the house on top of it. (We stick-built rather than use those junk, inferior modular homes that are slapped together haphazardly with the cheapest materials the manufacturer can source).

   A time came a couple of summers ago when I was mowing the lawn and near the front corner of the house I saw what looked like snow on the ground.  Upon closer inspection I noticed it was tiny bits and pieces of the Styrofoam wall that had been torn out by tunneling black ants as they sought to make our home theirs.

   Knowing the effects black ants can have on the structural integrity of wood, I immediately sprayed the entire area and the whole base of the house with ant killing spray.  Needless to say, I had no tolerance for an activity that would jeopardize the house my wife and I worked so hard to establish and needed for a place to live.

   Thomas Jefferson once observed that the closer a person is to the land, in working it and interacting with it, the more typically conservative that person will be by nature; as opposed to those who spend most of their time in a city environment, or working inside away from nature.  Those people generally tend to be more liberal, or “progressive” because they typically have a much narrower frame of reference with regard to nature and life in general.

   I expect the city dwellers in Portland, and all of Southern Maine, who migrated here from Boston and Connecticut with their grand socialist ideas, have never stopped to consider the effects of ants on trees, or house walls.  Most of them have likely never seen a tree in the forest, or an ant hill.  They’re much too busy trying to engineer society into their puffed up pipe dream of Utopia to consider the effects of their dangerous and socially destructive ideologies.  Like the ants eating away at the tree—or somebody’s house for that matter—these progressives will continue to chip away at our society’s core until it ultimately crumbles into a social, economic and industrial ash heap.  Then, as they moved here from away, they’ll have to move on to another society that is less rotted in order to begin their destructive program anew.

   While most progressives have been embraced by and infect the Democrat party, it is fair to say that some have been making their way into the more conservative Republican party, so when I say “progressive” think of them in that political context.

   Progressives are attacking and chewing through the core foundations of society, thinking they’re building a nice new home for themselves. But, like the ants chewing the tree, will end up destroying the place that they live (which is why progressives are leaving Boston and moving to Maine to begin with—they have destroyed that tree and are moving to another one to eat and destroy).

  There are many support columns in a society that contribute to its strength and veracity.  I will address just a few of those columns here and how they are being compromised.


Sexual Rot

   Since the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, the progressives have made great strides in forcing the public to change its ideas and mindset about something as private as the sex act.

   What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business.  However, progressives have forced the issue of homosexuality into the public forum and through legislation coerced society to legitimize an act that is inarguably contrary to nature.   This was the first sign of societal rot at the sexual level.  Analogizing my ant story, it is like the specks of Styrofoam I found lying on the ground at the base of our house.

   Now that they have “legitimized” homosexual activity and marriage, against the will of the vast majority of the public, the progressives are not going to stop there.  In some countries of Europe, for example, progressives are calling for a reduction in the age of sexual consent for children as young as five years old.  Pedophilia—or exploiting young children for sexual pleasure—is the next step the progressives have planned in constructing their destructive Utopia.  However, they do understand that it’s going to take several decades to convince the public to buy their ideas of sex with young children so in the meantime, they’re waging a psychological war on those children by convincing them they have the ability to magically be whatever gender they want to be simply by imagining it.  Enter Transgenderism.

   Transgenderism is the segue from homosexuality to pedophilia.  The progressives have been wildly successful at crafting their sexually deviant ideas into mainstream television programming (it’s called “programming” for a reason) and have also been successful at implementing it at the public school level where a captive audience of young students are immersed in those socially destructive ideas at an early age.  As they continue to successfully confuse the youth about something so fundamental as what gender they are, when those youngsters grow up and begin voting it will be much easier to confuse them on issues regarding pedophilia and ultimately bestiality (sex with animals) and necrophilia (sex with dead people).


Economic Rot

   Once people figure out they can elect and empower their leaders to steal money from one group and give it to another, a trend toward the rotting out of the economic column of society has commenced.

   Social welfare systems were ostensibly put in place to provide food and shelter for people who are unable to provide for themselves.  While society has always had that class of people, it was private charitable organizations and faith based communities who shouldered the responsibility for the care of those people via voluntary efforts and voluntary financial donations.  Our local food pantry, Friends Helping Friends is an excellent example of how we used to take care of the elderly and disabled in society with volunteers and freely donated money and food.

   However, progressives have sought to implement their Utopian economic ideals by forcing people to pay a percentage of their earnings so that another segment of society outside of the elderly and disabled could simply stay home, play video games and sell drugs on the side by having their food and rent paid for by the productive members of society.

   This is what the Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF), food stamp and rent subsidy programs have turned into today.  Those programs make an increasingly larger segment of society reliant on government to steal from their neighbor for their food and shelter, rather than work and provide for it themselves.  In Maine, the EBT “Gold Card” system even turned into a quasi-retirement program for young adults as they got on the dole and used it to take vacations to Disneyland and gambling casinos.  While former Governor Paul LePage made great strides in quashing those abuses, the Democrats who originally created those problems are now back in charge. 

   Additionally, those people who are on the dole have also figured out they can work “under the table” and earn extra cash money above and beyond their State-sanctioned stipends.  Ask any convenience store clerk and many will tell you they’ve seen people with large wads of cash in their wallet dragging out their EBT card to buy food.  In many cases, those wads of cash were derived from the sale of illegal drugs.

   So long as this program of economic slavery and societal theft continues, the progressive ideology will further corrupt and weaken this fundamental support column of society until it, too, fails.


Tolerance Rot

   The new pastime for many youngsters in today’s society is to be offended.  Progressives have taught young people to be offended at just about anything imaginable in order to keep them busy whining and complaining, instead of thinking and creating.  This very loud and vocal segment of society, which is offended at just about everything and has been subliminally conditioned to tolerate nothing, has been dubbed the “Snowflakes.”

   Some of the things Snowflakes have been conditioned to be intolerant of first and foremost is opposition to any of the pillars of progressive ideology.  For example, anyone who is against the changes wrought by the sexual revolution needs to be bullied and brow-beat into submission with incessant whining, complaining and ostracizing on social media.  Same goes for those who dare to challenge the social welfare system.  This cacophony of noise from the Snowflakes then gets amplified by advertisers refusing to support certain television or radio programming, or news organizations.  YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have even begun censoring anyone or any idea that the Snowflakes might potentially find offensive, under the guise of “hate speech.” 

   The logical conclusion of this progressive initiative of intolerance is to stifle free speech, creativity and independence as the whole of society is homogenized into a gray, benign and barely conscious hive of drones sitting around policing each other to make sure nobody does or says anything that could potentially offend somebody else. 

   Snowflakes melt down at the slightest heat of controversy and as more and more of society is converted to that pathetic mindset, the pillar of Tolerance that encouraged creativity and freedom of thought and speech will ironically be irrevocably destroyed.


Spiritual Rot

   Spirituality and the belief in a higher being is the cord that ties together and reinforces all of the columns that support a successful society and make it productive and long-lasting.  In order for progressives to eat away at the Sexual column, Economic column, or even the Tolerance column, they must concomitantly attack spirituality in general.

   Progressives understand that spirituality—whether in the religious forms of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Hinduism; or any of the Eastern philosophies of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism or Jainism—needs to be marginalized out of the public mindset, to the point that it is either no longer adhered to or taken seriously. 

   Regardless of the form of higher power as envisioned by the various religions or philosophies, that a higher power’s existence is acknowledged, with a subsequent understanding of acceptable rules for behaving in an organized society, is the cement that grounds society in a pattern of behaviors that govern the interaction between all humanity.  Atheists and anarchists claim man can come to this position on his own without the need for a higher authority, but there is no historical evidence to support that position.

   Most religious and philosophical beliefs prohibit the taking of another person’s life (notwithstanding radical adherents who believe their ‘god’ is authorizing the killing of certain people).  This prohibition against killing, or murder, is codified in nearly all of the law structures of modern society throughout the world.  However, the progressives in some countries, like the united States, have successfully chipped away at that column by convincing society it’s somehow okay, or socially acceptable, to kill unborn babies while still in their mother’s womb.  From the killing of unborn babies to killing/culling unproductive or unwanted members of society is not a very big leap.

   Most religions believe in voluntarily contributing to the financial well-being of less fortunate members of the society or group.  Progressives have usurped this program of voluntary assistance with one of coercion through confiscatory taxation, making an act that was once done from the heart into one that is done out of fear of a tax collection agent.

   As progressives continue to dismantle the forces that combine to create a great, tolerant, productive and long-lasting society, and as society continues to acquiesce to their demands,  our society will ultimate decay and crumble as a tree or even a house overrun by those pesky, destructive little black ants.


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