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The Circus of Hate





By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal January 29, 2020


In George Orwell’s prophetic book, 1984 the citizenry were cajoled into engaging in a daily “fifteen minutes of hate.”  This fifteen minutes consisted of everyone stopping what they were doing and gathering around the ubiquitous telescreens to be treated to the government’s favorite “villain,”  Goldstein. 

   As Goldstein ranted and raved about positions contrary to the establishment’s status quo, the people so gathered proceeded to hurl insults, derogatory names and an occasional piece of rotted fruit at the screen.  All telescreens had video cameras accompanying them so government trolls could watch the crowds to make sure they were exhibiting enough hate toward the government-created actor, Goldstein.  After the fifteen minutes, they would resume their work or other daily activities.

   If you haven’t read 1984 yet, I really think you should because, even though it was written in 1949, it is a remarkably accurate prediction of what life is like today - even though the author envisioned the political environment to be taking place by the year, 1984.  If you don’t think you have the time, that’s okay, too, because you are now living in a technologically advanced form of that storyline right now, and it’s ramping up to pure authoritarianism quite quickly.

   Today, we have a form of the fifteen minutes of hate; the only difference is it is the 15 Hours of Hate, there is no break from it in your awake hours.  The ubiquitous telescreens with video cameras are society’s laptop computers, Ipads, Smartphones and other portable devices.  When they’re not plugged in to those gadgets, there’s always the old fallback - television - some of which also have built-in spy cameras to observe the people in the room, over the internet.  (Why do you people buy those Smart TVs and plug them into the internet?)

   Our current “Goldstein” is none other than President Trump.  Love him or hate him, we’ve always had presidents who have done some good and some bad.  The difference today is the socialist controllers who own the mainstream media, and most of the social media platforms, have an agenda to push their Utopian/Authoritarian government goals on the rest of unwitting society.  President Trump is at least playing the part of the antagonist in that scheme.  I say, “playing the part” because nobody gets into the office of President, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, unless the globalist controllers who run and finance the debt of the U.S. say so.  Trump was installed to play a part, just like a WWE wrestler does to earn his paycheck.  It’s all entertainment and all designed to distract and divide.

   I’ve spoken with some people who are otherwise nice, good people that would do anything to help their neighbor.  When the topic of Trump comes up, they completely change, as if they had been subliminally programmed,  into a vile, rabid malevolent wishing death and despair against at once, the President and all of his supporters.

   This is not normal behavior and it’s not even normal political behavior based upon past history.  This Circus of Hate has been programmed and instilled into society by the media machine that attempts to program everyone who views it.  If a foreign nation were doing the same to us, we’d be declaring war.  However, since our own mainstream media does it, it’s somehow okay.

   Now this programming runs pretty deep.  It’s gotten to the point that people have been equating Trump with Hitler, even though most of them have never read any history on the former NAZI in Chief.  They claim Trump is a “Fascist” like Hitler, but if they had even a rudimentary understanding of German history, they would know NAZI is a German acronym for “National Socialist German Worker’s” party.  Hitler was in fact a socialist, not a fascist.  (A fascist system of government is where government and business cooperate and merge in order for both to profit - similar to the way our State governments have merged with auto insurance companies to guarantee their profits by mandating by law that everyone who drives a car has insurance, insurance companies then kick back donations to the politicians - that’s fascism in its purest, textbook sense, but I digress).

   Many in the news media have fallen into this psychological trap and continue to drive the wedge of division using the Circus of Hate at the fulcrum.

   To pick on one, I go to a recent Op-Ed by Reade Brower in the Republican-Journal in Belfast, Maine.

   Mr. Brower states that Trump is following the playbook of the “number one fascist of my generation, Hitler” without exhibiting a clue that Hitler was a socialist.

   Brower also published a bullet-point list by Polish activist, Martin Mycielski, which was written in 2016, trying to equate Trump and the Republicans with destructive authoritarian governments of yesteryear.  The 15 points, printed above, could just as easily - and I suggest in today’s political climate be more likely - applied to the Democrat party.  Read through them and see if you agree.  My commentary follows.



Martin Mycielski’s 15 Point “Survival Guide”


1.  They will come to power with a campaign based on fear, scaremongering and distorting the truth.


2.  They will divide and rule


3.  Through convoluted laws and threats they will try and control media and limit press freedom.


4.  They will create chaos maintaining a constant sense of conflict and danger.


5.  They will distort truth, deny facts and blatantly lie.


6.  They will incite, and the leak fake, superficial “scandals.”


7.  They will propose shocking laws to provoke your outrage.


8.  When invading your liberal sensitivities they will focus on what hurts most - women and minorities.


9.  They will try to take control of the judiciary.


10.  They will try and limit freedom of assembly, calling it a necessity for your security.


11.  They will distort language, coin new terms and labels, repeat shocking phrases until you accept them as normal and subconsciously associate them with whom they like.


12.  They will take over national symbols, associate them with their regime, remake them into attributes of their power.


13.  They will try to rewrite history to suit them and use the education system to support their agenda


14.  They will alienate foreign allies and partners, convincing you that you don’t need them.


15.  They will eventually manipulate the electoral system.








   Now, reading that list objectively, anyone can see it applies more to the Democrat party today, than it ever could to the Republicans (though the establishment Republicans like Bush, Cheney, McCain et al can take credit for many of these attributes as well.)

   Without boring you too much, let me go through those points with some brief, expert commentary.  Keep in mind, I’m not a big Trump supporter and I am not a registered Republican.  I am Unenrolled and do not belong to any political party. 


   Number 1, above, scaremongering.  The Democrats do that every time one of their mind-control patsies engage in a mass shooting.  They attempt to scare everyone into giving up their right to self-defense.  Dems also use the phony “Climate Change” narrative to scare people that the end of the world is near because of Carbon Dioxide emissions, when in reality Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a food source for all green plants and trees.


Number 2, above, to divide and rule is being done wholesale by today’s District of Columbia Democrats with a phony impeachment which shows no crimes by the President.  The Democrats in Virginia are even going so far as to create a Civil War-style division of the populace by attempting to ban nearly all firearms and registering, then ultimately confiscating the ones that are left.


Number 3, above, control of the press.  The Democrats aren’t using laws to control the media, they simply bought up all of the major media institutions and shifted the narrative/programming in their favor.  It’s not that sophisticated, and it doesn’t require any overt legislation to do it.


Number 4, above, creating chaos.  Yep, that’s what the Democrats do.  But, I will acknowledge here that George Bush the younger engaged in this behavior when he allowed the 911 attacks to be organized and take place in order to get the draconian U.S.A. Patriot Act passed into law, in order to allow government to declare everyone in the U.S. an “enemy of the state” that does not agree with everything the government does.  Yes, children, 911 was an orchestrated attack by our government in order to get legislation passed to spy on us and regulate us that otherwise wasn’t getting any traction since John Ashcroft authored it in 1996.


Number 5, distorting the truth.  Yep, Democrats.  Look at the recent impeachment charade for proof of that.


Number 6,  superficial scandals.  I defer to my comments in Number 5, above.


Number 7, shocking laws.  Look at what the Democrats are doing in Virginia right now with gun rights.


Number 8, women and minorities.  Democrats have been keeping women and minorities down for decades by trickling down a bare subsistence diet of welfare payments designed to keep them barely alive, designed to reduce any incentive to excel and exceed their life expectations.


Number 9, control of the judiciary.  The Democrats have enjoyed that position for decades.  They’re now angry that Trump is at least nominating judges who know how to read, and have a copy of the U.S. Constitution nearby.


Number 10, limit freedom of assembly.  Let’s see know, it was under Democrat President, Bill Clinton that we started seeing “no protest zones” crop up over entire cities whenever a visiting globalist group came to town.  Clinton also oversaw the implementation of so-called “free speech zones” where protestors are allowed their “free speech” protests miles away from a political site, inside a fenced in area guarded by police and away from news cameras.  The only people allowed near the political site are those the government deems in agreement.  That whole system is a Democrat idea.


Number 11, above, this one’s easy.  It’s the Democrats who are pushing the language norms with transgender, asexual, and many other gender-related anomalies and forcing the rest of society to accept these errant behaviors as normal.  If it’s a LGBTQIA group, you can count on it being infested with Democrats.


Number 12, national symbols.  Both Republicans and Democrats who are beholden to the globalist controllers of the U.S. are guilty of that. The Democrat-controlled mainstream media then reinforces the imagery on their telescreens.


Number 13, rewriting history.  Yes, it’s the socialists in the Democrat party who own the publishing houses, populate the halls of academia and ultimately write the history books being taught to the next generation, writing them in a way favorable to their political positions and ideologies.  The Democrats are also in charge of our entire public education system and college/university system.  There might be a few conservative teachers sneaking around those halls, but they are bridled and heavily regulated to only teach the Socialist and authoritarian government-worshiping mantra as espoused by the leftists in the Democrat party.


Number 14, allies, I’m not sure this applies to either party.  Democrat Bill Clinton allowed the sale of missile secrets to the Communist Chinese and nearly all modern Republican Presidents have maintained good relations with our allies.


Number 15, eventually manipulate the electoral system.  What do you mean “eventually?”  Democrats have been doing that for years.  And it’s the Democrat party that is forcefully pushing the Multi-State Compact to circumvent the electoral college and allow the States of New York, Illinois and California the sole power of choosing the President in future presidential elections.  I don’t see any Republicans trying to do that.


  As you can see, the bullet points intended to get you to hate Republicans can be more aptly applied to Democrats if you view them objectively.

   Now, as for the Mainstream Media’s “Circus of Hate,” stop playing into their hand.  Stop being programmed, stop watching and feeding off of their psychological warfare programming and stop allowing them to divide you, your family, friends and society.


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