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94 Northern Maine Businesses Now

Accept Silver Liberty Dollar


By: David Deschesne  

Editor, Fort Fairfield Journal  July, 2005


     “I believe gold and silver coin to be the money of the Constitution - indeed, the money of the American people anterior to the Constitution, money which the organic law of the Republic recognized as independent of its own existence. No power was conferred on Congress to declare that either metal should not be money. Congress has therefore, in my judgment, no more power to demonetize silver than to demonetize gold; no more power to demonetize either than to demonetize both.” - Senator James G. Blaine (R-Maine) in the U.S. Senate Feb. 7, 1878


    The United States Constitution mandates that no state shall “make any Thing but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debt” (Article 1, Sec. 10, Clause 1).


    Senator Blaine was correct. The Congress does not have the power to lawfully demonetize gold or silver coin. But, that’s exactly what Congress did with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and ultimately abolishing the use of gold or silver as currency twenty years later in 1933 - the year the United States went bankrupt.


     Today, with nearly $8 trillion in federal debt, $2 trillion in consumer debt and untold trillions in local, county and state debt piling up with the debt-based monetary system Congress established less than 100 years ago, many Americans are starting to realize the “hamster wheel” the banks have placed them on with this debt money and are opting to get off of it.

   The silver Liberty Dollar is Constitutional money.  Since the government will no longer follow Article 1, section 10, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution, private Americans are deciding to do so voluntarily.

   Based out of Evanston, Indiana, the National Organization to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act (NORFED) has been minting and distributing the one-ounce silver Liberty $10 coin and the one-ounce gold Liberty $500 coin since 1998.   Because the coinage is based upon wealth (silver and/or gold) rather than debt (all US currency has been borrowed into existence and is all owed back to the banks) the Liberty dollars work to remove Americans from the “hamster wheel” the banks have placed them on by allowing a money to circulate without the need to take on debt to have it.


   Because our politicians do not have the intestinal fortitude to return us to a gold/silver standard, businesses across the country are voluntarily accepting the silver Liberty dollars and certificates at par with the Federal Reserve's notes.

      Available in a $10 .999 silver coin or $1, $5, and $10 silver certificates, the following Aroostook businesses will accept Liberty dollars for either full or partial payment:



Nature's Pantry

John's Audio

York's Bookstore

Bruce Warman Logging

Beal's Aircraft Svc.

Broadway, Inc.

Richard Gogan Const.

Weston's Mobil

Mitchell's Auto

Elm Tree Diner

Main Street Fitness

DBJ McGuire

Graham's Store

Boyett's Floor Covering

Peggy's Dairy Bar

Bither Electric

Beal's Variety

Main St. Redemption

Linneus Convenience Store

T & S Market



Clifford Duff and Daughters

Designs by the Stitch


N. Maine Icelandics 

Blue Moose Rest.

Anthony's Pizza and Seafood

The Corner Store

Corey's Market

P.J.'s One Stop



Scovil Building Supply

Bill's Auto Body

Dr. Nicholas Family Practice

N. Maine Truck Stop

Trophy Hunting in Maine

McCrum's Saw Shop

Ma's Kitchen




DRD Sound/Lighting

Jed Desmond Accountant

Commercial Repair/Body

Skyway Trailer Park

Fred's Auto Salvage

Aroostook Trusses

Perry's Mini Mart 

Dragon Guy Tatoo

Condon Sign Maint.

Hutchings Flooring

Heritage Trail Resort/American

    Dream Restaurant

Janiter's Warehouse

Splash Pools and Spas

Johnny's Bottle Redemption

A Cut Above Hair Graphics

Autotech Plus

Cain Carpentry



N. Maine Tactical Supply

Shapiro's Hay Sales

MEStreet (Alton Dean)

Fort Fairfield Journal

Northern Fitness/Southern Tan



James L. Harris Const.

Richard Harris Const.

R.L. Todd Electric

Gerry's Auto Repair

Gene Robbins Cleaning

Cher's New Wave

A Cut Above Hair Graphics



Alpine Air Filter Systems



Langille Const.

Griffin 1 Stop

Washburn Food Mart

Aroostook Hospitality Inn

White's Exxon

Washburn Coffee Shop



Driscoll Diesel

Shamrock Construction

Freem's Place

Gateway Variety

Ashland One Stop

The New Shoppe

Freem's Place

Al's Shell Fish Houses Lodge

Corriveau Construction



MJ Farms

N.S. Welding and Repair



Jerry's Food Store

Bartman's Towing

Above the Falls Diner



L&T Logging

Mike's Archery

S. Anderson Bldg. Contractor



Katahdin Forest Products



Wally's Garage

Bate's Fuel, Inc.

Yale Stevens Corp.

Huntley Machine Shop


   Perry’s Mini Mart, on Route 1 in Presque Isle is the area’s leading Redemption Center to obtain Liberty coins or to redeem the certificates for the metal.

   More information on the Liberty dollar can be found on line at