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Dear Mr. Gore:


I’m just a lowly newspaper editor and not really that smart. In fact, some people claim I’m completely stupid, a “nut case,” a “kook,” or a “whacko” because the messages from the mainstream television and newspaper media do not compute in my tiny little brain.


I understand you and your team of scientists have “settled” the Global Warming, or Climate Change, (or whatever you’re calling it today) debate and in order to bring some clarity to my otherwise confused and cluttered mind, without some psychiatrist prescribing a mind-altering psychotropic drug, I was hoping you could answer a few questions so I can better understand the reason for the massive, confiscatory global carbon taxation scheme that your carbon credit clearinghouse will soon be financially raping from the world citizenry.


Please have your team of scientists respond to the following questions:


1.) Please define “Climate Change” (i.e. changing from what to what?)


2.) Please define what Earth's normal climate should be in temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, particulate content of the air and the proper Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide percentage levels in the atmosphere.


3.) At what altitudes in the Earth’s atmosphere does the Carbon Dioxide layer exist?


4.) Since Nitrogen, also a colorless, odorless gas, makes up much more of the Earth’s atmosphere than Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide, what are its effects on Climate Change and what are your proposals to eliminate it from circulating within the atmosphere?


5.) How would reduced CO2 levels bring about a common, static, unchanging climate worldwide?


6.) Please elucidate the epochs in pre-industrialization world history where the Earth's climate was static and did not change.


7.) Given green plants require CO2 as a food source, in what ways would reduced, or eliminated CO2 levels affect plant life on Earth?


8.) Is it the goal of those who wish to stop the climate from changing, to actually stop the seasons from occurring (i.e. winter, spring, summer, fall)? If so, how would reduced CO2 make that happen?


9.) In what way does the sun's 11 year solar cycle affect temperatures on Earth? How would reducing CO2 on Earth affect the sun's solar cycle?


10.) In what way does the eccentricity of the Earth's obit around the sun (i.e. closer or farther) affect temperatures on Earth? How would reducing CO2 positively affect Earth's orbit?


11.) Given that, in Northern Maine, temperatures swing 50 degrees F in a matter of hours in the Spring with no ill effects, how will reducing CO2 cause our Springtime temperatures to even out and be more consistent from early morning to early afternoon as the sun rises to its daily apex?


12.) Since carbon credits are authenticated reduction of CO2 in one area, how does selling them to another to allow them to increase their CO2 output correspondingly actually reduce CO2 emissions at the end of the day?


13.) Since carbon is the fundamental building block of all organic life, how can it be eliminated from the ecosystem without adversely affecting life?


14.) Given the 1st Law of Thermodynamics states all matter and energy in the Universe is inherent, what is to be done with the carbon that does not get emitted into the atmosphere?


15.) CO2 is a byproduct of decay, due to the metabolism of bacteria as it breaks down organic matter. Please describe some of the strategies being considered to prevent bacteria from emitting CO2 on a planetary scale.


16.) Please describe photosynthesis in less than fifty words.



David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal