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Glenn Beck; Conservative Shill




By: David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher,

FORT FAIRFIELD JOURNAL September 22, 2010, p. 2


I recently received a forwarded Glenn Beck E-mail, touting his new website. I am not going to advertise his website’s name here, so you’ll have to go look it up.

In Beck’s E-mail, it said CBS “re-ported there were 87,000 in attendance on the mall in Washington DC on 8/28. A number of other mainstream media outlets reported ‘100,000’ or ‘thousands.’”

Beck claims his new website will be a true news source and will only report the true news. Or, at least the news he wants you to know and at the angle he wants you to know it.

Make no mistake about it, I’m a strict fiscal and social Conservative, but I don’t trust Glenn Beck any farther than I trust a well-entrenched government bureaucrat (which isn’t very far). I prefer to gather the facts and think for myself, not have the mainstream media do my thinking for me.

I believe Glenn Beck is a shill who has crafted and molded his message to tickle the ears of true conservatives in order to get them to follow him. Once conservatives are on board with Beck, en masse, he then leads them away from auditing (and ultimately abolishing) the unlawful Federal Reserve, abolishing the unlawful Federal Income Tax, auditing the gold supply in Fort Knox, questioning the government's official story on 9/11, etc.

Like the drug abuser, Rush Limbaugh and the boisterous Bill O’Reily, Beck is merely a steam valve, a diversion, intended to redirect the energy of the true conservative movement away from the criminals, bankers and corporations who have hi-jacked the political and mechanical infrastructure of the U.S. government.

It's more telling to listen to what a shill like Beck does not say, than what he does. But one would have to shut Fox “News” off long enough to study the geopolitical landscape in enough detail to know what those points to look for should be in order to not be mesmerized by his rhetoric.

Fox “News” is as much a part of the mainstream media charade as CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, et. al. They are all prepackaged, scripted soap opera “news” channels which are all owned and operated by anti-American globalists. Here's how this simple scam works in order to help Fox gain credentials among the conservative/constitutionalist movement;

CBS, CNN and the other networks who have been scripted to that side of the political spectrum purposefully under-report, or fail to accurately report on a benign aspect of an event, such as mentioned above. People who were there know the truth and start texting, E-mailing, posting, etc. Fox “News” then comes in and reports the truth on the event, which causes those who question the validity of the other networks to consider Fox as an accurate news reporting agency.

Those who are typically concerned about news accuracy are highly motivated, energetic folks who generally have a conservative mindset, spend a great deal of time trying to understand the world around them and will flock to a news channel that is perceived to share their values. Let's face it, most Socialist/Communist feeders don't care about their world as long as they get a government issued check at the end of the day.

At any rate, Fox “News” begins to appear more legitimate by being the “good cop” in this good cop/bad cop news media charade the mainstream media has devised for your entertainment (I haven’t listened to television news for ten years), and they begin to gather more and more of those highly energetic and motivated conservatives within their audience base.

At that point, Fox is able to tailor their message to what the media controllers want. If the controllers don't want the Federal Reserve audited, then the conservatives will get that angle of the message from Fox “News” either in a direct frontal assault with endless diatribes by “experts” stating how dangerous it would be, to the more subtle non-reporting of the issue.

Using this technique of news manipulation, the criminals who rob the taxpayer can control the debate and thus their destiny.

This is a very sophisticated game the criminals and bankers who run our country are playing. They understand that if they can’t keep you stupid with their sit-coms or distracted by ball games, they have to misguide you by owning the news outlets and co-opting/bankrolling the most popular talk show hosts. When the criminals control both sides of the debate, they can then control the debate and ultimately the people.

Because Beck derives his multi-million dollar income in part from the very groups who are stealing from the U.S. taxpayers to begin with, his actual message is going to be skewed and crafted to keep Americans from ever knowing who the real criminals are.

Don’t be fooled by rhetoric carefully scripted to gain your confidence. Once we all finally realize that Fox “News” is just a player in a media conglomerate that is owned and operated by one large group of industrialists and bankers, we can be more aware of their psychological tells and be less apt to fall prey to their misdirection and obfuscation.

Then, we’ll be able to work toward wresting control of our government away from the criminals and swindlers who now possess it. But, not until.


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