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From the Editor

Mass Deception


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

July 13, 2011


My son and I provided the sound and paging systems to the Houlton Fair again this year. I guess that makes it around 17 years we’ve been contracting with them.

We saw a new act this year, the knife throwing team of Mike and Rosa Gross, called ‘One Sharp Marriage.’


After tossing a few knives around his lovely wife and breaking a few balloons she was holding, Mike would occasionally work in some volunteers from the crowd to be his ‘targets.’ I have confirmed with him that these were not shills, but spontaneously chosen audience members who had no idea they would be chosen.


Halfway through one of his shows, and after breaking a few balloons out of his wife’s hands, Mike chose a husband and wife from the crowd to be volunteer targets. They were placed back-to-back against his target board and blindfolds placed over their eyes—to “protect their eyes from the bursting balloons.” In reality, the blindfold was there to alter their perception of the event.


As the two volunteers stood there blindfolded, each with a balloon in their mouth, Mike worked the bit up by saying he was going to throw his knives and pop the balloons. He worked the crowd into a frenzy and had them count to three. Then the first balloon popped out of the wife’s mouth. He then worked the crowd up, stood back further and had the crowd count to three again. Pop! Went the balloon from the husband’s mouth. He then approached the target board, placed a knife if front of the faces of both volunteers and as the crowd cheered and their blindfolds came off, he made like he was removing the throwing knives from the board.

I tell this cute story only for the lesson it teaches on perception and reality. You see, Mike never threw any knives at the volunteers. I spoke with him afterward and he said he never would involve audience members in anything that would put them in harm’s way. What he did was gave the volunteers the perception that he was throwing knives by having the audience count to three; on three, his wife, Rosa, who was standing by the volunteers with a knife of her own would simply pop the balloons on cue. At the end of the bit, Mike would then hold knives on the target board in front of the faces of the volunteers as their blindfolds were removed to reinforce the false perception that knives were indeed thrown at them, when in reality they weren’t.


From the perception of the volunteers, who could only hear but not see the event, knives were in fact thrown at them because they were observing their reality based upon the limited information they received: 1.) They had watched Mike throw knives and pop balloons out of Rosa’s mouth; 2.) They had balloons in their mouths; 3.) the audience counted to three and the balloons popped. While they couldn’t see what was going on, they relied on the only sense they could to form their perception of reality—their hearing. What the audience saw was the gimmick—Rosa standing there popping the balloons while no knives were thrown at all.

I’m not sure how long it took their friends in the audience to tell them the scam after the show, but if they didn’t receive any additional information, they would have walked around believing knives were thrown at them, when that was not the case at all.


It is very easy to confuse and deceive people when they are limited by either their senses, or the amount of information they have access to in order to process their perceptions into a reality. While there are many events I can use to illustrate this, I’ll use one familiar to most people: the events that happened on September 11, 2001.


On 9/11/01 one of the largest mass deceptions in the history of the world took place as the World Trade Towers in New York City were imploded into their own footprint using controlled demolitions in full view of millions of television viewers and thousands of on-site witnesses.


Because the news media (acting as the audience in our previous knife throwing example), working in concert with the government, was able to control the amount and level of information the public saw, a distorted perception of reality was formed where most people initially believed the lie that the planes crashing into those towers brought the buildings down (Hmm, but what about Building 7? No planes hit it and a that evening the 47 story steel framed building imploded into its own footprint at free-fall speed for absolutely no reason—but I digress).


By limiting the information the viewing public had access to, the Muslim terrorist fable was able to be reinforced to the point that society collectively believed it to be real when they otherwise would have been skeptical of the story if they had access to more information.

Some of the information kept from the public while the myth was being sold by government-friendly news media was:


1.) Galileo’s Law of Falling Objects predicts the speed of an object free-falling through space from a given distance above ground. While the official story says the tops of the building gave way and fell, causing all the floor below to ‘pancake’ on top of each other, the buildings fell at free-fall speed which could only have occurred if the resistance of all the floors below were taken out by controlled demolitions


2.) The buildings were designed to withstand aircraft impacts by using a strong central core of steel columns, surrounded by a lightweight ‘scaffolding’ of floors and a window mesh type outer wall.


3.) Jet fuel is essentially high-grade kerosene and does not burn hot enough to melt steel. While the planes burned a cool, sooty black fire for around an hour, World Trade Center North endured a three hour blazing inferno in 1975, burning highly volatile chemicals. The fire spread between several floors and burned much hotter than the airplane fuel but the building still stood.

(ref:  )


4.) There was visible evidence of Thermite and Thermate—extremely powerful steel-cutting compounds flowing out of the sides of the buildings as a white-hot molten metal just before the buildings collapsed.


5.) The collapse of both buildings was symmetrical—a feat only achieved with strategically placed demolitions, timed at precise intervals by a team of experienced demolition engineers.


6.) The glass from the windows of the ground floor was found by witnesses and firefighters to be blown out into the street shortly after the impact of the planes. This would indicate an explosion inside the building, near its base, as the reason for the dispersement of glass outside the building.


I’m not going to go further with the mass deception points here because space is limited. I’m not saying who imploded those buildings, I’m only saying that they were imploded and the government and mainstream media were lying to us and continue to do so to this day. I plan to republish my full report this September, on the 10th anniversary of that debacle so those who wish to take off their government blindfolds can have more information to form a more accurate reality in their minds regarding the events that happened on that day.


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