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Communist Revolutionaries Overthrow U.S. Government


By: David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher,


Well, there probably won’t ever be a grand announcement like that because it didn’t happen all at once and certainly won’t come out of the Communist controlled mainstream television, radio and newspaper news.

Communism is a political ideology dating back to Karl Marx in the mid 1800’s. It is atheistic, acknowledging no other god than the leader of the party, advocates for revolutionary overthrow of governments and installing a dictatorial elite to rule over the subservient masses. Communism is power, control and domination for a select few. While being sold as “for the people” its real aim is to siphon off the wealth of the people for the upper echelon.

Communists have been very busy subverting and co-opting our government and have done so systematically over the past 100 years, to the point that we now have an avowed Marxist in power over the U.S. today. Communists are very diligent and focused, while the majority of the population they seek to dominate are happy just to slave away at their jobs and get a few hours a night in front of the TV.

Our current presidential impersonator, Barack Hussein-Obama is a Marxist/Communist and has been since his youth. He follows in a long line of both Republican and Democrat Communists who have occupied the White House and Congress continuously for at least the past 100 years.

In 1959, former F.B.I. director, J. Edgar Hoover described the Communist plot to overthrow the U.S. government in his book, Masters of Deceit. He described Communists as a very strict, disciplined group of people whose only goal in life is to advance their party’s ideologies and control over the entire population.

Communists have been aggressively and tirelessly attempting a violent Bolshevik style revolution here in the U.S. for decades while the average American sits partially hypnotized in front of the television every night. Rather than a revolutionary coup done with active support of the military, Communists have taken over via a more slower, subtle means - elections - and enjoy the passive—albeit pathetic, disgusting and unwitting support of our military—as well as law “enforcement” officers who blindly do what they are told by their (Communist) legislators.

Communists operate both out in the open and “underground” where they do not make their intentions public, or their affiliations. They have also developed the tactic of using “unwitting dupes” or non-communists in order to advance their ends further than they ever could under the Communist banner.

The hard-working communists of the 1940s through 1960s were very busy getting hired as teachers in public school and colleges; getting positions on city councils, and in the news departments of all the major media. By couching a palatable message of “it’s for the children,” “a woman’s right to choose,” “free access to health care,” or “save the environment” they were able to gain legions of followers who unwittingly assist them in their overthrow of the U.S. Constitutional Republic.

The school children of the 1950s and 60s grew up learning the ideology of Communism without actually equating those points with the revolutionaries of the time. Some of those students grew up to become teachers, news reporters and influential people in society who continue to perpetuate the ideals of Communism even though they may associate with more conventional parties such as Republican or Democrat. In fact, many good conservatives who are not sophisticated enough to understand how Communism works actually endorse many of its principles.

For example, we have adopted nearly all ten planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, such as; property taxation, Federal Income Tax, Federal Reserve banking system, driver’s licensing and vehicle registration, Social Security Numbers and free public school education for all children. As you can see, Republicans and Democrats alike have been taught to endorse all of these maxims as unwitting dupes.

What we have now in the U.S. is a quasi Bolshevik/Crony Capitalist/ Neo-Fascist takeover all done while we were distracted by the artificially created boogey-man of the day, the “Muslim.” At once the President and Congress, regardless of political party affiliation, are controlled by the Communist mindset and seek to instill Communist principles via force against the middle class ($50k - $10m annual salary) on down to the poor by redistributing the wealth of the bourgeoisie to the proletariat; while paradoxically implementing laws that will financially benefit the multi-national corporations, such as international banks and contractors within the military industrial complex, who pull the strings of government, with massive windfall profits derived from the sales of T-bills (borrowed 'money') to fund the military's imperialist, for-profit operations that will be paid for with the foreclosed property of the American people - since we don't have any money to actually pay the notes off.

We all have been taught to carry around with us the consciousness of a slave. Our slavery under Communism is now becoming more apparent. The powerful elite who control our government are financially profiting from the excessive command and control measures placed upon us daily. General Motors is now owned by the government and enjoys the wealth of the taxpayer to rectify its financial mistakes. All the major banks also partnered with government in a sort of quasi Fascist/Communist takeover in order to illegally steal up to $27 trillion from U.S. taxpayers, ultimately taking their property and businesses as collateral on the national debt. The most recent paradigm shift toward advancing Communism is the illegal “National Health Care” law which was supported by millions of dupes nationwide as a means to provide free health care, but in reality was designed, and lobbied for, by the health insurance companies so they could increase their profits on the backs of the American people.

Obama's recent erratic and eccentric behavior, is indicative of the typical Communist who hates anyone who has any wealth he does not control, and should not be surprising to anyone who has seriously studied Communism. Obama's just a front man. He's not really in charge of anything. The people who are really in charge don't parade around on TV and don't let their names out in the news. Obama and our Congress are essentially sock-puppets and you TV watchers are merely being entertained by a puppet show.

Communism's end is control of everything. To that end, its maxims have been implemented seamlessly into American life over the past century and we are all acquiescing quite nicely, aren't we, Komrades [sic]? So, if your country has adopted Communism, don't be surprised when your leaders turn out to be Communist, too.

What we need is a counter-revolution. I'm trying to do that with the Fort Fairfield Journal and am mostly being labeled a “kook” and “anti-government” because I have found most people enjoy their Communism; they enjoy their slavery and don't want to be burdened with the responsibility that comes with being free.

So, cheer up. It gets worse.



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