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Police Officers in School




By: David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher,



Hillary Clinton did a great disservice to our country when she coined the Utopian phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Many well-meaning people across the country bought that lie because it sounded good, without giving it all that much thought.

In reality, it takes responsible parents to raise a child and when parents abdicate that responsibility, oftentimes the heavy hand of government is called in to quash the ill results. The problem is, you can’t legislate morality, respect or common sense no matter how heavy the jack boot is or how big the gun.

We have a problem with some students in the Fort Fairfield school system refusing to respect their teachers, or anyone in authority for that matter, and abusing drugs. The knee-jerk reaction by the public is to put armed police officers in the schools in order to solve those problems. This is what the school board is currently considering. Thankfully, the school board is at least being a little more introspective on the subject and considering it more carefully than a three second sound bite from the television news.

Let’s all stop and analyze the problem a little bit before we’re too hasty to demand armed police officers as the solution to our problems.

That there is a problem with respecting teachers is given. But, is that a result of a lack of armed police officers in the school, or is it a symptom of a much larger problem?

Just because aspirin alleviates a headache, doesn’t mean a headache is due to the absence of aspirin in the bloodstream. Likewise, just because drug abuse is up and teacher respect is down is not due to lack of police officers in the classroom.

I can remember, as many FFHS alumnus can, Mitt McKenney and Chub Clark who were former teachers in Fort Fairfield. They were decidedly old-school in their approach to teaching and commanded respect from their students. Their techniques would be frowned upon by today’s psychiatrist-run education industrial complex as “barbaric” or “op-pressive”, but they got the job of teaching done and nobody got hurt—except for maybe some feelings or pride, but those kids got over it, I’m sure.

Our students today have parents who are a product of the psychiatrist-run school system with it’s new- school techniques of “time out” isolation rooms and mind altering prescription psychotropic drugs. These parents are the victims of a social brainwashing experiment that I would suggest has gone dangerously awry. Getting away from the methods of teaching we used to use is one of the primary reasons kids do not respect their teachers—they are not required to. Certainly, bringing in an armed police officer isn’t going to solve that problem.

Drug abuse in school is a problem everywhere. However, we had school for decades without drug problems and there were no police in school. So, what changed? Around the mid-1990’s or so, the brilliance of academia, coupled with the enlightened of the civil liberties crowd thought that it would be a great idea to remove God from the equation of public school. Now, they’ve been doing that incrementally for years by teaching the false religious doctrine of evolution (which says we were all formed by accident from nothing with no intelligent Creator). But now, God has been completely eliminated from graduation ceremonies and special events. This lack of acknowledging a sovereign God gives kids the idea that there is no Creator, thus no higher power, and nobody in charge. Coupled with the use of prescription mind altering psychotropic drugs, this is one sure way to raise up a batch of kids with little to no morals and zero respect for authority. That some do turn out alright is a credit to God and their parents. For the rest, bringing in the heavy hand of the State with a jack-booted police officer is not going to solve that problem.

The subtle way in which police officers would be introduced into the psyche of the Fort Fairfield students is such that they would from an early age be taught to shut up and obey the man with a gun and the government is good, wonderful and can do no wrong. History has shown nothing can be further from the truth.

This arrangement will establish a prisoner-warden paradigm as we teach children they are merely prisoners in a prison grid system. That is hardly a blueprint for education excellence, unless you’re educating them on how to be a ward in a State prison.

If we allow the false premise that an armed police officer in the school will curb drug abuse and restore respect for the teachers, then it isn’t too much of a stretch to see that generation of students grow up to think it’s a good idea to have armed police officers stationed in shopping centers and the work place.

After society gets used to police in the schools and businesses, it’s just a small step to mandating them inside of our homes. After all, if a child is disrespectful at school, or in public, it must be a direct result of bad parenting, so the State (it takes a village to raise a child?) would then be compelled to send an armed police officer into the home to rectify the situation—to be the daddy.

Since numerically there simply wouldn’t be enough police officers to go into the home of every person the government suspected of being irresponsible, a much more efficient, methodical way of dealing with the public would be suggested. I believe you would see that solution in video surveillance cameras mandated in everybody’s homes so government could check in the activity going on inside. They’re already setting this program up in England, so don’t think for a minute that I’m simply daydreaming this stuff up.

With government bureaucrats raised in an education system owned by the same psychiatrists who destroyed it placed in charge of watching those surveillance cameras, we can then say goodbye to what would be left of our free society with “liberty and justice for all” as we sink into the deep, dark pit of tyranny as that oppressive police state envelopes all of society.

I am not God. I cannot see the end from the beginning. But, He has blessed me with the ability to extrapolate events based upon the understanding of history and human nature that He has allowed me to learn thus far. From what I can see, what starts out with police officers in the classroom to solve problems psychiatrists and academia created to begin with ends with everyone under the watchful eye of Big Brother’s in-home video surveillance system with peace and privacy being an antiquated concept of a bygone age.

Be careful what you ask for, you and your grandchildren just might get it.

Your Fort Fairfield school board members who will be deciding whether or not to put armed police officers in the classroom are; Shawn Murchison, Scott Clark, Megan Barnes, Dawn Martin and Paula Perkins. They would love to hear your views.



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