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From the Editor:

On Torture

By:  David Deschesne, Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

Feb. 24, 2010

I recently read Bucher: My Story, which is a true story of the capture of the U.S. Navy's electronic recon ship Pueblo in international waters off the coast of North Korea in 1968. Commander Bucher suffered horrible, disfiguring beatings and torture, as did his men, in order for the communists to finally extract a “confession” out of him by threatening to kill his crew in front of him, one at a time - a threat they were more than willing to carry out, based upon his observed treatment of some of their own countrymen captured as “spies.”

While he was in international waters, the KORCOMS tore up his unarmed boat, and killed two of his crew, with 50 cal. machine guns and 57mm cannon with high explosive rounds. They forced him to follow them at gunpoint into their territorial waters where they subsequently boarded and seized his boat. After being taken to shore and beaten nearly to death, he admitted in his “confession” that he was in North Korean waters when they boarded his ship, but they refused to allow him to give the details of their preceding unlawful attack in international waters. (I do recommend this book and used copies can be found online.)

The torture-based “confession” was only useful to the Korean communists who wrote it for him to sign, as propaganda to support their ideological position, as well as justify their illegally attacking and seizing his ship. It had no basis in truth. It was only useful to the propagandists - as all torture-related confessions are.

That's just one example of how torture is a useless, barbaric tactic reserved only for immoral third-world dictators and warlords, and has no bearing in truth, reality or decency toward our fellow man. It certainly has no place in a country who is claiming to take the moral high ground and be a beacon of light, a model of morality, for the rest of the world to model itself after.

Now I’d like to make a few points on the phony “War on Terror.”

First, “terror” is an abstract noun, an idea. You can't use conventional warfare techniques to fight something that doesn't physically exist.

Second, the U.S. government is not protecting us from another attack. The only war they are waging is on the American people, specifically those who oppose abortion, advocate for gun ownership, make frequent references to the Constitution and want to shut down the unlawful Federal Reserve. I guess that makes me a “terrorist.” Anybody who disagrees with the ideologies of the established authority is now conveniently considered a “terrorist.”

In his book, The State, Franz Oppenheimer, Professor of Political Science in the University of Frankfort (circa 1920's), explained political government itself originated and has been built up with the sole purpose of perpetuating the dominion of a group of victors over a group of vanquished and of securing itself against revolts from within as well as attacks from abroad.

Our government is using Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago as a blueprint to foment a torture program to inflict pain and misery on (usually just a bunch of) Afghani goat farmers which does nothing to protect the U.S. - either physically or its image.

By resorting to Stalinist and Hitlarian tactics, our government has made us just as bad as those former totalitarian dictatorships were. We have, in a sense, become them and are now no better. Who's going to liberate the U.S. from this oppression? There is no leader of the free world, anymore. Just a corrupt, busted, used up, heavily indebted shell of our former self. We have allowed foreign maggots to rot us out at the core - economically, societally and spiritually.

Third, the only true terrorists are the myriad of alphabet soup agencies in D.C. who use fear, aggression and oppression to coerce their edicts and mandates on the American people under the banner of “law enforcement.” Those are the worst kinds of terrorists - because they terrorize with the badge of authority with the acquiescence of lame-duck, rubber stamp, flunky, lap-dog court “judges.”

We, the U.S., are now no better than the horribly evil communists we fought against only a few decades ago. Thanks in large part to the neocons at FOX “News,” television shows like Keiffer Sutherland's 24 and the criminals within the Bush/Obama crime syndicate, who have all succeeded in reducing the torture debate down to an easily controllable left vs. right paradigm rather than right vs. wrong.

I’ve had conversations with those who think we as Americans should be torturing people to get confessions out of them - whether real or contrived - in order to save American lives. If we started (actually, continue, the CIA’s been torturing for years now) the society you save would soon resemble the former Soviet Union and its gulags. Under that type of totalitarian society, whenever the government deems it necessary, it will be you on the table, being tortured for whatever confession it wants to hear.

The level of inhumanity a society is prepared to accept against another people will soon be used against them. Police are now using Tasers essentially as cattle prods to coerce compliance on even the most mundane of requests. Soon, it will be waterboarding, sleep deprivation, hunger, eating thin gruel out of dirty wash tubs, being crammed in railroad box cars for days and sleeping naked in feces on a cement slab - all for merely disagreeing with them, the government or its policies.

Is a society that endorses that type of behavior really worth saving? If they weren’t destroyed by a bomb, wouldn’t they already be destroyed anyway?

I'd like to think we Americans are better than that; that we are not the bad guys. But, under the corporate, international banker-controlled phony, illegitimate government we now suffer under, that just isn't true anymore.



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