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Elaine Brown Being Mistreated at Federal Prison


By: David Deschesne,

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

Income Tax researchers, Ed and Elaine Brown are now going into their second year of unlawful imprisonment for violating non-existent U.S. income tax laws.

Elaine Brown.jpg (174137 bytes)The two 60+ year-old senior citizens are being shuffled from one prison to another throughout the United States as punishment for standing against the illegal, unconstitutional income tax system, and the Internal Revenue Service.

According to Ed Brown, his wife, Elaine is currently under 24-hour lockdown in a Caldwell-Fort Worth Texas prison. “They are using total isolation on her for three weeks, now,” said Brown. “They abuse this fine, gentle lady because she followed the law and demanded an answer. Where are my fellow Americans? She is being treated worse than most of the murderers, pedophiles and real criminals.”

Mrs. Brown had previously enjoyed email communication with the Fort Fairfield Journal, while in prison in Connecticut, but the FFJ was notified that account had recently been closed.

Brown believes the criminals in government act under the influence of the Jesuits. “After twenty years of research and of current record, the Knights of Malta/Jesuits are involved in every part of our country’s structure.”

As a United States Constitution Ranger, Mr. Brown feels obligated to protect the United States of American Republic and the people thereof, under God. “When this criminal element in government attacks my wife and me for demanding an answer to a righteous question (on the income tax), they have committed malfeasance and drug us physically into malicious prosecution. They have committed sedition and treason against the United States.”

The Browns are, like so many other income tax protestors, currently political prisoners in a country that—like the former Soviet Union—will not tolerate citizens demanding accountability from a corrupt, rogue government that is now entrenched in the United States.