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A Department of Homeland Security helicopter frivolously wastes valuable taxpayer money allocated for the "war on terrorism" by harassing a private, backyard picnic/concert in Plainfield, New Hampshire.  For more photos, visit 

photo/Jack Blood



Ed and Elaine Brown.

file photo ©2007 Fort Fairfield Journal

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By:  David Deschesne,

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

July 20, 2007


Either terrorists took the day off, or it must not have been too  busy around the office on Saturday, July 14, since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was able to take time to harass a private backyard barbecue picnic and concert in Plainfield, New Hampshire at the location of the Ed and Elaine Brown I.R.S. standoff there.


Like a couple of Junior High School kids crashing a Senior class dance, the DHS helicopter pilots hovered just over the treetops of Ed and Elaine Brown's home skimming the treetops, "buzzing" the crowd at low levels and constantly harassing and beeping its on-board siren at the crowd of 200, who were there enjoying the "Live Free or Die" concert put on by Genesis Communications Network (GCN).


“In my opinion it was incredibly clumsy to have sent this chopper to harass the Browns, and their guests,” said Jack Blood, a GCN radio talk show host who was in attendance there. However, “It looked great for the many cameras documenting the event, and must have been thrilling for those watching on the myriad of live web casts.”


The markings which were clearly visible on the helicopter were traced through the FAA's website to show the Department of Homeland Security as the registered owner.  N187AE was the "N" number clearly visible on the craft's body, that allowed concert organizers to conduct the trace online while the concert was in progress.  


“That's an illegal gathering, and it's not a safe situation for anybody to really go to, and the people who go there have to realize that,” said Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens in a NPR interview prior to the event.  “We can't say it's safe for anybody to go there. We will not send emergency vehicles into this area, no matter what.”  Contrary to Police Chief Gillens’ opinion, the U.S. Constitution does enumerate the right of the people to “peaceably assemble” in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.


“The only danger I could see was the helicopter recklessly flying literally about 25 feet above the treetops, which would make it below 200 feet, for four and a half hours,” said Ed Brown in an interview with Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley on their radio program  The Power Hour.  “I was afraid they were going to crash into the trees; I was fearful for their safety.”


Later that evening, after the concert, a fireworks show was provided at the Browns’ home which caused some concern.  Mr. Brown did contact the tower at Lebanon airport to ask the helicopter to remove itself to above 1500 feet.  “We didn't want them to get hurt while we were running the fireworks, and we wanted to thank them for the security they gave us for four and a half hours, plus the air show.”


There was a police presence in the area in order to intimidate supporters from all across the country who arrived to show their support for Ed and Elaine Brown's stand against the Internal Revenue Service.   The Browns live on a secluded mountain road in Western New Hampshire which is at places only one vehicle wide.  “We had the police back and forth up and down the road all day long, intimidating the neighbors; but, they weren't intimidating anyone here," said Brown.


Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted of federal tax evasion in January, 2007.  Because they have found there is no law requiring the filing of a 1040 income tax form and that all U.S. courts are corrupt executors of the government.  They did not appear in court for their sentencing, where they were ordered to serve five and a half years in prison. They have remained in their home since April.


Ed Brown has been investigating government corruption, political chicanery and the fraudulently implemented income tax for twenty years.   “This isn't an investigation of the Browns by the I.R.S.,” Brown told the Fort Fairfield Journal.  “This is an investigation of the I.R.S. by the Browns.”


According to former Illinois Bureau of Revenue investigator Bill Benson, the Constitutional amendment that purportedly authorized an income tax wasn't even properly ratified by the requisite number of states to begin with.  In his book, The Law That Never Was, Benson reveals how he traveled to the capitols of every state in the Union that was a state when the 16th amendment - the so-called “Income Tax amendment” was enacted.  He combed each state's archives to investigate how or if that amendment was ratified and found that the requisite number of states did not duly ratify it; thereby rendering it null and void.


The Internal Revenue Service is the collection arm of the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve Bank, which isn't part of the federal government, and has no reserves.  The Federal Reserve's system of private, debt-based money was implemented in the winter of 1913, while most Congressmen were home for Christmas break.  The Congress ultimately handed full control of our nation's money system over to that private banking cartel comprised of private, international bankers.


In June, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution 192 which abrogated our Constitutional money system of gold and silver coinage and authorized worthless paper bank notes in its place, without any authorizing Constitutional amendment.


There is currently no known law requiring the inhabitants of any state in the Union to file or pay income tax.  The Internal Revenue Code only grants authority to enforce income tax in the territories and possessions of the U.S. government, such as the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam - which are the only places the U.S. Constitution authorizes legislative power to the U.S. government.  The Feds have no authority to enforce a direct tax upon the people who live within any of the States because the States are not territories or possessions of the U.S. Government, they are sovereign independent entities. However, judges and law enforcement officers have been unwittingly enforcing that law inappropriately for years.


When the income tax amendment was allegedly passed and the subsequent laws written in 1913-1916, the U.S. citizenry didn’t have access to radio television or internet the way they do today.  It was virtually impossible for most people to access a law library or even a copy of the U.S. Code, which today can be obtained in mere seconds online.  Over the past twenty years citizen researchers have been diligently researching the income tax laws and how, for decades, they have been erroneously applied to confiscate the labor of all Americans.


Nearly half a dozen bands and entertainers performed at the Live Free or Die concert - which is the second such event to be held at the Browns' home.  The first concert was held on June 23, 2007 and was hosted solely by The Power Hour co-host and musical entertainer, Dave vonKleist.


“This recent concert was a very festive event full of camaraderie,” said vonKleist, who also performed at the Live Free or Die concert, “but everyone realized the seriousness of the situation.”  He also continues to advise those in law enforcement that those who study and protest the illegal income tax aren’t the “enemy” law enforcement officers have been trained to perceive.  “Ed and Elaine Brown are convicted of breaking a law that doesn't exist.  Please try to understand we aren't bad guys here; these rights we're fighting for are the rights of your unborn children.”


The concert featured a gathering of bands and music.  Ted Anderson, from GCN provided the free food for the event which was also attended by Ruby Ridge survivor, Randy Weaver, Danny Romero from We The People Radio Network and Catherine Albrecht.


   Jack Blood reflects on the lessons the Live Free or Die concert was trying to teach. “If one of us is not free then none of us are free,” he said.  “The Browns prove that wanting to be left alone, to be independent and free, isn't possible in this day and age, and there really is no place left to hide. Thus, our only hope is to stand up for what we believe in and for the Republic we inherited.”


He also says this event provides hope to others who are scared of protesting against the overreaching arm of the government.  “If we could pull this off, and stage an in-your-face concert deep behind enemy lines, there is really no excuse to be afraid of doing direct street actions, or organizing similar events.”


It was suggested that the DHS helicopter was trying to draw fire from the crowd, in order to provoke a martial-law style attack against them. “With zero incidents, and extremely well behaved participants; your new American patriots are some of the best, and most honest people on earth,” said Blood.  “For much of the day a bucket with over a thousand dollars in cash sat near the stage unmolested!”


Ed and Elaine Brown continue to resist the federal arrest warrant by remaining in their home under a self-imposed “house arrest” in order to illuminate the truth that there is no law requiring any state inhabitant to file or pay an income tax.  They do plan more such concerts and events at their home in the future and invite all who wish to show their support to attend.

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“I was asked by the CIA to assassinate Cambodian Prince Sihanouk.” 

- LTC Dan "Dangerous Dan" Marvin, U.S. Army Special Forces Retired.

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