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Ed and Elaine Brown enjoy the 2007 Freedom Concert hosted by the Power Hour's Dave VonKleist at their New Hampshire home. 

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Click on pictures for full resolution copy.  All photos copyright ©2007 David Deschesne, Fort Fairfield Journal.  Permission to republish or reprint is granted only with full attribution.  News media outlets who wish to select from more available pictures of this event may email: 


edbrown 050 copy.jpg (568615 bytes)Dave VonKleist entertained with some of his original music during Freedom Concert '07

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edbrown 006 copy.jpg (733363 bytes)Randy Weaver was able to extend his visit long enough to enjoy the concert.


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edbrown 024 copy.jpg (830515 bytes)The Brown's Plainfield home was the site of the Concert and picnic

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edbrown 042 copy.jpg (443796 bytes)Elaine and Ed Brown enjoy the Freedom Concert with their friend, Randy Weaver

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edbrown 008 copy.jpg (401316 bytes)The simple signs that were made up were placed around the area and most were torn down by unknown antagonists.

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edbrown 009 copy.jpg (568793 bytes)Elaine cooks the hotdogs and burgers for a hungry afternoon concert crowd


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edbrown 013 copy.jpg (849393 bytes)A crowd of around fifty people enjoyed good music and camaraderie at the Browns

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edbrown 037 copy.jpg (684256 bytes)Ed and Elaine address the audience in attendance and those listening on the live video stream.


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edbrown 027 copy.jpg (397184 bytes)Randy Weaver and Elaine Brown share some time together.

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edbrown 032 copy.jpg (2009976 bytes)Randy Weaver shares the mic with Dave VonKleist as he addresses the crowd.

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edbrown 064 copy.jpg (448477 bytes)Dave VonKleist used a portable P.A. system to fill the Brown's front yard.  

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edbrown 066 copy.jpg (720453 bytes)Some of the Browns' neighbors came to visit on horseback.


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edbrown 058 copy.jpg (418599 bytes)The Brown's home towers over a vehicle in the front yard.

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Freedom Concert Held at Brown's New Hampshire Home Amidst IRS Standoff 

June 30, 2007:  A reader rebuts this article and is answered by the editor.

From the Editor:  My own observation of Ed & Elaine

Homeland Security Harasses Brown's BBQ Picnic


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

June 23, 2007

Published in print version, July 4, 2007, p. 1


   Nearly fifty friends and supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown converged on the Brown's Plainfield, New Hampshire home on Saturday, June 23 for a concert hosted by Dave VonKleist, co-host of the increasingly popular radio talk show The Power Hour.  The Brown's guests enjoyed grilled cheeseburgers and hotdogs, Italian sandwiches, water and salads.


    "I have to give credit where credit is due for this idea," said concert promoter/entertainer VonKleist, "my wife, Joyce had the idea for the concert last Tuesday, then packed me up and sent me on my way.  For such short notice, it is really great to see so many people show up and some from so far away!"


   Billed as "The Freedom Concert," the show featured many of VonKleist's original politically-oriented tunes - a favorite among Power Hour listeners.  His songs about freedom, the Constitution and the corporate oligarchy that has assumed control over the United States were set to an upbeat, self-composed series of soundtracks.


   A video feed of the concert was also streamed live over the internet to a world-wide audience via VonKleist's production team.


   The concert was promoted via signage placed on the sides of roads in the surrounding area.  "We put up twelve signs and had them all torn down," said VonKleist.  "Some have said people in the area are scared of the Browns but I've been in town for two days and have talked to many folks and none of them have indicated to me that they're scared."


     Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted of federal tax evasion in January, 2007. Because they have found there is no law requiring the filing of a 1040 income tax form and that all U.S. courts are corrupt executors of the government, they did not appear in court for their sentencing, where they were ordered to serve five and a half years in prison. They have remained in their home since April.


   Ed Brown has been investigating government corruption, political chicanery and the fraudulently implemented income tax for twenty years.   "This isn't an investigation of the Browns by the I.R.S.," said Brown.  "This is an investigation of the I.R.S. by the Browns." 


   "The criminal element in government has gotten so intrusive into our lives that nobody can even breath any longer," said Brown, who chose this battle with the I.R.S. because "the income tax touches every American's life in such a way that they will be able to relate to it."


   According to former Illinois Bureau of Revenue investigator Bill Benson, the Constitutional amendment that purportedly authorized an income tax wasn't even properly ratified by the requisite number of states to begin with.  In his book, The Law That Never Was, Benson reveals how he traveled to the capitols of every state in the Union that was a state when the 16th amendment - the so-called "Income Tax amendment" was enacted.  He combed each state's archives to investigate how or if that amendment was ratified and found that the requisite number of states did not duly ratify it; thereby rendering it null and void.


   The Internal Revenue Service is the collection arm of the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve Bank, which isn't part of the federal government, and has no reserves.  The Federal Reserve's system of private, debt-based money was implemented in the winter of 1913, while most Congressmen were home for Christmas break.  The Congress ultimately handed full control of our nation's money system over to that private banking cartel comprised of private, international bankers.


   In June, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution 192 which abrogated our Constitutional money system of gold and silver coinage and authorized worthless paper bank notes in its place, without any authorizing Constitutional amendment.


   Judges, politicians and law enforcement officers have been perpetuating this unconstitutional scam for years.  When Ed Brown concluded there was no law requiring an American to file an income tax form, he figured he was okay by not filing into that voluntary system.

   "I gave the local, state and federal authorities every opportunity to follow the law," said Brown.  "They chose not to, so I have concluded we no longer have a legitimate system of public servants in this country."


  Brown said that police and U.S. marshals are being used as mercenaries to enforce the collection of the Federal Reserve's interest payments on the private paper notes we use as money.  Normally, society would fix those types of problems with either the ballot box, or jury box.  However, Brown says, "We no longer have a redress of grievances with our government; our only recourse left is the cartridge box."  He reflected on every major event in history ultimately being settled with violence when a corrupt, unresponsive governmental body has assumed control over a population.


   While the area isn't visibly surrounded by Federal Gestapo agents in a siege mentality, there have been reports of U.S. Marshals lurking around in the tree lines in camouflage while carrying weapons.  Around two weeks ago, the Browns' friend, Danny Riley, who had been visiting with them, was fired upon by snipers with the U.S. Marshals, tackled, tasered and arrested while simply taking the Brown's dog out for a walk in their driveway.  Other than visiting, Riley is not involved in the income tax case as adjudicated in court against the Browns.


   "While I was in the S.U.V. with one of the Marshals, we started talking about the Browns and the I.R.S," Riley told the Fort Fairfield Journal."  I asked the Marshal, whose first name was James, if he knew there was no law requiring a person to file a 1040 income tax form.  He told me he knew that, but that wasn't why they were there.  He just wanted to get Ed out and get this resolved, he said."


   Certainly, if a U.S. Marshal admits there's no law requiring one to fill out a 1040 income tax form, the Browns are guilty of no law violation and should be left alone.


  Riley was subsequently taken to the Lebanon, New Hampshire Police department where he was strip-searched and locked in a cell for a few hours before being released.  He was warned by the Marshal service not to go to the media or he could get up to fifteen years in prison.  Riley subsequently ignored their veiled threat, returned to the Brown's home and did discuss this matter with any media that would listen.


   The Browns have taken a defensive position at their home in Plainfield and will defend their lives, home and land from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Recently, they had their electric grid, phone line and wireless internet service all disconnected, presumably by the Feds.  "We have also had our U.P.S. and Federal Express shipments apparently diverted since they will no longer deliver here."  Mr. Brown has friends shuttle in cell phones in their own names so he may have contact with the outside world, as well as bringing him much-needed supplies.


    The night before the power outage, their power had been going on and off sporadically.  Riley describes walking outside that evening as the power was off and seeing a large, bright light in the sky flying from East to West, "that was presumably some sort of surveillance craft," he said, "but it made no noise and had none of the traditional flashing lights found on conventional airplanes."  The next morning is when he was captured by the Marshals.


   The Browns have a full solar panel array and wind generating capacity on their property to provide power in the event the grid is down.  While others in the news media have described their home as a "reinforced compound," it is merely a beautiful home set amidst the picturesque mid-New Hampshire woods and finished with a concrete/stucco style exterior shell.  The Browns live near the end of a long, wooded road amongst several area neighbors in a neighborhood that would resemble any set of upscale, private camps.


     Ruby Ridge survivor, Randy Weaver had spent nearly a week with the Browns and was able to put off last minute commitments to stay for the concert.  "A few days ago, Randy arrived," said Elaine Brown.  "For a while, not a word was spoken, but tears were shed."


   She said the current standoff has nothing to do with not wanting to pay income tax.  "This isn't about trying to keep from paying a little bit of money.  Our children's and grandchildren's futures are at stake.  We've got to get the criminal element out of our government."


   Randy Weaver's wife was shot in the face while holding her baby and their 12 year-old son was shot outside in the back by F.B.I. agents at a raid on his home 15 years ago -  a raid that was prompted by him inadvertently sawing a shotgun off a couple inches too short for an undercover federal agent in a sting operation.  That certainly was not an act worthy of the Feds murdering his family in cold blood.


   "My wife and son died fifteen years ago," an emotional Weaver told the crowd of concert-goers at the Brown's home.  "Our court system has been lost and our Constitution lost long ago.  If my wife and son were alive today, they would be right here with us."


   The concert attendees came from as far away as Michigan, Texas and California.  This newspaper reporter and his wife, traveled 8-1/2 hours from Northern Maine to be with the Browns for this concert.  While many in the crowd were obviously armed, we all felt as safe as in our mothers arms.  


    "I have never been with a nicer, more intelligent, reasoning and decent bunch of people than right here today," Weaver told the audience, "and I've been all across this country."


   Weaver only wants to be remembered, as the Browns do, for what he and they have tried to do to bring awareness to the corrupt, criminal nature of what is now the United States government in hopes of getting the citizenry to make the necessary changes to correct it and restore our Constitutional Republic.


   VonKleist reminds people that Ed has drawn his line in the sand.  "I have no choice," Ed interjected.


The Fort Fairfield Journal will continue to monitor the events with the Browns as they attempt to peacefully inform the American people about the anarchy that is their government, while trying to bring about a peaceful resolution to their standoff.


The Power Hour radio program will also continue to bring daily updates on the Browns.  The Power Hour may be contacted via their website: and is available on short-wave, internet and XM Radio.




“I was asked by the CIA to assassinate Cambodian Prince Sihanouk.” 

- LTC Dan "Dangerous Dan" Marvin, U.S. Army Special Forces Retired.

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You Must See this Documentary DVD  before you pay another penny in 

Income Tax

AMERICA:  From Freedom to Fascism

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Letters to The Editor Re: This Ed Brown Story

Fort Fairfield Journal, 

July 18, 2007, p. 6


Dear Fort Fairfield Journal,

   I read your article: Freedom Concert Held at Brown's New Hampshire Home Amidst IRS Standoff by David Deschesne. May I congratulate your Journal, and David Deschesne for writing one of the best articles I have seen regarding Ed and Elaine Brown. I have made a study of the IRS and their unlawful presence and activities in New Hampshire (they are a foreign corporation owned by the International Bankers). The reason they will not show anyone the law that makes people allegedly liable is because it is a commercial obligation which the     

Government also refuses to disclose. As you stated in your article, the Federal Reserve issues private debt-based paper (promises to pay).

    What the IRS bases their collection actions on, and what the courts secretly uphold is that if we use the International Bankers private paper, there is a usury fee/transfer tax they charge.

It just amazes me that my fellow Americans continue to sit in the bowl of boiling water like frogs until they have been stripped of every bit of their wealth and property (including their labor). So that's why they won't show anyone by what authority they collect and destroy families and kill people.

    Thanks for listening. If you want more info, I will send you to the sources you can check my statements.

Mike La Mesa
New Hampshire


Dear Editor:

   I thank you for your coverage of the Ed & Elaine Brown siege. The mainstream media won't carry much more than a sound bite about the Browns' patriotic stand for Constitutional Law - mostly only mentioning that they were convicted of Tax Evasion.

    It appears that all of this IRS issue and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and this “missing 13th amendment” are all fairly interconnected - in that they bear question, if not evidence, that our laws, our country and our (alleged) freedom as Americans have been repeatedly violated as a matter of policy by a great many legislators, on behalf of the corporate banksters, most certainly along with much of the rest of the corporate world hierarchy.

   Has the government’s propaganda all been SO effective, that nearly 300,000,000 million Americans (and countless others in Europe and the rest of the world) are sufficiently “zombified,” their faces stuck onto their televisions and into their beers, etc. that our country is rather smoothly running directly down the drain into the coffers of the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Windsors, Rothschilds and Bilderbergs? Are they so distracted by this (undeclared) War OF Terror (that was surely created or at least permitted as a means to invade "Persia" and "Arabia") and occupied with the likes of Janet Jackson's bare breast on TV and Paris Hilton's jail drama ???

Thank GOODNESS that I do not watch the TV (yet another mind-control infrastructure)!

Mr. Deschesne, I very deeply appreciate your efforts to maintain truth and American patriotism - before it's too late.

   The Patriot Act, The Homeland Security Act and Bush's National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive/ HSPD-20 (very quietly issued on May 9, 2007), may have brought the USA to the very brink of tyranny and dictatorship. It seems that about all it will take is another “terror” event or even another natural disaster, like hurricane Katrina to implement martial law and eventually a US Police State.

I regret to state that I expect just such an event to occur before the next presidential election.

   Read the foreign sites; much of the world is LAUGHING (and cringing in fear) over their realization that there was a coup d'etat in America in 2000 - AND that most Americans THINK it was an “election.” YES, that's 2000, not 2004.

I think, based on varied and wide connections, that there was another coup d'etat in the United States on November 22, 1963 - implemented in Dallas, Texas, a few weeks after John F. Kennedy's alleged speech wherein he proposed the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

   Same play, different act, Reagan administration's leftover operatives (players); more evolved, more money, more power, more diversion, more terror, False Flag operations into the 21st century.

Mr. Robin Hart-Cordell
Weston, Maine



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