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LTC Dan Marvin Needs Our Financial Assistance!

Trial Update

(Trial Starts Jan. 23, 2006)

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LTC Marvin


LTC Marvin is being sued for the release of his book, Expendable Elite.

"I was asked by the CIA to assassinate Cambodian Prince Sihanouk."

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LTC Marvin recalls history of torture training in the U.S. Military

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LTC Marvin's Trial Update

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LTC Dan Marvin Passes Away at 78

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 10, 2006

The Truth Comes with a Price

For five years I have been studying the criminal element of our government from 1812 through today. The information I have learned is enough to make one sick. What I have found is that there are very few people in government who are upright enough to tell the truth when they see something gone awry.

A few people come to mind, though, who did stand up against corruption: Congressman Louis T. McFadden from the 1930s, President John F. Kennedy, and recently Congressman James Trafficant. Each of those men paid dearly for standing up against the system.

For the past several issues of the Fort Fairfield Journal, I have been featuring another hero for the truth - Lieutenant Colonel Dan Marvin (Ret.). LTC Marvin has spoken up about his experiences in Vietnam that will inarguably rewrite portions of our history books.

However, like all who stand up for the truth, LTC Marvin is being persecuted. He and his publisher will be fighting a trial levied against him and his book this month, a trial funded by the 6,000 member Special Forces Association, that will cost dearly. He needs as much financial assistance as we can give him. Would everyone reading this please send LTC Marvin at least $5.00 to help out with his legal defense? His address is:

LTC Daniel Marvin

P.O. Box 538

Cazenovia, NY 13035-0538


Of course, if you enjoy reading about history, his book is great and you may wish a copy for yourself. If you mail him a check for $25.00 to that address, he will autograph a copy and mail it to you. I hope we can all help a soldier for the truth.


To obtain a copy of Expendable Elite, or to support LTC Marvin in his trial, you may contact him at his website: or the book publisher:

I have read the book

Expendable Elite and have found not one case of libelous content or

defamation of character

toward any of LTC Marvin's men or those around him at the time.

-David Deschesne,

Editor, Fort Fairfield Journal


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