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A Soldier’s Protest

Editor’s Note: John Alan Coey was a U.S. soldier during the Vietnam era who saw through the U.S. Government’s façade of “fighting communists” when it was actually aiding them in the field, and adopting their guiding principles at home. His “Soldier’s Protest” is reprinted here with permission from his mother. It not only describes the problems with our government during the Vietnam War, but also the same problems exist today with the Iraq war. He saw how globalists and bankers now effectively run our military and use it as their own private mercenary team to further their own greedy profits as well as enslaving the American people to their Communistic goals of globalism.


This writer requested and received a discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps’ Platoon Leaders’ Class, Officer Training Program, and upon graduation from the Ohio State University, enlisted in the Rhodesian Commandoes to protest the following:

1.) The deliberate prevention by the U.S. Government of victory over communist forces in Southeast Asia.

2.) The attempted overthrow of the Constitutional Republic of the United States by a revolutionary conspiracy of internationalists, collectivists and communists in and out of the U.S. Government.

3.) The attempted destruction by Government Defense Officials of the fighting capabilities of American Combat forces.


The United States could have won the two wars against Communist forces since World War II except for the deliberate prevention of victory by the civilian authorities who have usurped the power to make technical military decisions. During the Korean War, the Truman administration denied General MacArthur victory over Korean and Chinese communists and relieved him of commands. Similarly, the Johnson and Nixon administrations have prevented victory over the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces by restricting offensives on their harbors, supply centers, and manufacturing sites.

In spite of Soviet military build-up, the Defense Department has reduced the fighting capabilities of American armed forces, not only by disarmament programs, but by canceling development of a nuclear-powered fleet, and bomber, missile, and space-craft attack systems. Officials in the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force have damaged discipline, morale, militarism, and training standards by fostering “civilianization” programs that have perpetrated race riots, narcotics addiction, “fragging” and killing of officers. This involves the throwing of fragmentation hand grenades by their own enlisted men. Sometimes combat units refused to fight.

This consistent undermining of the military is not misjudgment or mistake, but deliberate sabotage. It is part of the attempt to bring the United States under World Government by subverting the sovereignty and independence of the Constitutional Republic of the United States. Elimination of the military services as effective defense and as anti-communist elements in the nation is necessary to neutralize resistance to the revolutionary forces of the Council on Foreign Relations and the international financial establishment that control the policies and programs of civilian authorities and high ranking military personnel.

I prefer not to serve in the United States Armed Forces since that service would not benefit my country but only its enemies. Protest and resistance of current military policies from within the ranks is ineffective because of no public backing and repression by civilian authorities; e.g., Generals MacArthur, LeMay, and Walker, and Admiral Anderson were relieved of their commands when they protested against the policies of the Defense Department.

Civil control may be necessary to guard against military dictatorships and juntas, but civilian authorities and politicians deserve obedience and loyalty only when they, too, are loyal to the Republic and respect the nation’s freedom. Although the military may be rendered unfit for war, it may still be used to enforce totalitarian government if made a part of the U.N. “peace-keeping” forces. No soldier is obliged to serve revolutionaries, opportunists, and subversives attempting to break all constitutional restraints on the power of government.

Since I do not object to military service, I choose to serve in the Rhodesian Army where I may perhaps help sustain European civilization in Africa. Although this action has cost me an Officer’s Commission, and though my citizenship may be revoked, this is the most I can do for my country under these circumstances.

America and all the Western nations are in a civilization crisis manifested by the confrontation between Christianity and communism, liberty and totalitarian government, national sovereignty and internationalism, conservatism and liberalism. The civilization crisis is a life-and-death struggle for world power of the alien forces of international finance, and the existence of the West - now weakened not only by liberal pacifism and moral decadence, but by treason in governmental, educational, and religious institutions. Every officer and enlisted man has sworn allegiance to both the Constitution and the President. That oath of allegiance is exclusive now, and each must choose either to fight for the liberty of this Republic or serve the corrupt oligarchy that intends to destroy it. I wish only to help Americans regain control of the destiny of our country.

John Coey died in Rhodesia in 1975. His journal, entitled A Martyr Speaks is a Faith-building account of one Christian’s fight for God and Country under extreme circumstances. For those who wish to order a copy of the book, send $20.00 to

Mrs. G.E. Coey, U.S. 68 South, Apt. E14, W. Liberty, Ohio, 43357.