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Local Amateur Radio Club Visits WBCQ

By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

October 21, 2009, p. 2


Members of the Aroostook Amateur Radio Association recently visited WBCQ “The Planet” in Monticello Maine. There, they received a tour by station owners Allan and Jennifer Weiner.

WBCQ broadcasts 50,000 watts on each of its four international shortwave transmitters on 5.110, 7.415, 9.330 and 15.420 MHz. Their broadcasts serve North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean with a wide variety of content, including spiritual and religious programming, eclectic musical shows, and intriguing and entertaining live talk radio.

Short-wave radio refers to a band of radio frequencies above the commercial AM band, but below the commercial FM band. A special short-wave receiver is required to listen to these broadcasts. Short-wave receivers can be acquired at just about any electronics store or mail-order company.

“WBCQ has been offering access to the airwaves since signing on the worldwide shortwave bands in 1998,” said Alan Weiner. “Prime time is available on any of our four transmitters. WBCQ makes it affordable for nearly anyone to start a radio program/network and get it on the growing international shortwave bands.”

WBCQ has the lowest broadcast rates in the industry. “We have the staff and equipment to do it right. Whether your program is on CD, Internet feed, audio file download, phone feed, or even cassette tape, we can get your program on shortwave radio. Our powerful transmitters will get your word out to a very well informed radio audience.”

While Weiner is known for his ‘pirate’ (unlicensed) radio broadcasts in the past, he has helped set up several of the local AM and FM stations in the Presque Isle area, and formerly owned WOZI in the 1980s, when it was a country music station. Now operating licensed transmitters, Weiner was granted an FCC license to commence short-wave broadcasting from Monticello in 1997. On September 8, 1998, WBCQ 7.415 MHz officially signed on with Allan Weiner Worldwide and two weeks later was joined with Hour of the Time, with Bill Cooper.

Located on Britton Road in Monticello, the WBCQ site occupies what was once a former farm. Today, instead of potatoes, the location is literally an “antenna farm” with multiple dipoles, stacked dipoles, a rhombic, beam antenna and 90' mast occupying the back field. The antennas are all aimed at Mexico City, in order to qualify as an international short-wave station. “It's one of those rules the FCC has about short-wave stations in the U.S., they have to be targeted at another country. We happen to aim all of our antennas at Mexico, and the U.S. just happens to be in the way.”

WBCQ can be heard world-wide on any of its four short-wave frequencies based upon their transmitting schedule. WBCQ also has a local signal on AM 780 and features prominent local Constitutionalist talk show hosts, Steve Martin and Jack McCarthy every morning from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

For more information, or broadcast schedules, go to