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Maine’s Republican Senators No Longer in 

Compliance with Maine Republican Party Platform


By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal, May 19, 2010, p. 1

On Saturday, May 8, the Maine GOP Convention saw a stunning upset when Patriots, “Tea Partiers,” "Ron Paulers," etc. "stormed the Bastille" and walked off with a brand new anti-world government platform that totally replaced the Snowe/Collins neocon version they've operated under for years.

The delegates voted and approved a new State Party Platform that is more closely aligned with the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and traditional conservative values.

“Maine's two liberal/left/Neo-conservative/Republican-In-Name-Only Senators have been totally repudiated and isolated now that this new platform has been passed by an estimated 75% of the delegates at the Maine State Republican Convention,” said convention delegate, Steve Martin, from Amity.

“They truly have no honorable option left but to resign, as there is no way they can support this platform when they couldn't even support the far more liberal older one.”

Martin says what happened Saturday morning was truly historic, and could rock the nation and bring it back to the Constitution if other GOP Conventions have the courage to follow suit.
“Mainers are not too dumb to understand Austrian economics. They are certainly not too dumb to see that globalism is at the root of our problems, and that addressing the federal government’s forced acquiescence to a Republican-declared ‘New World Order’ is indeed the issue of our times,” said Martin. “Just because some pundits here, many in Maine's mainstream press, and nearly all of the globalists - including CFR member Olympia Snowe, and Trilateral Commission weaned and pampered Susan Collins - in the hierarchy of the Maine GOP either don't get it, or serve it openly, doesn't mean the rest of us are going to continue to play in their globalist, NWO sandbox. Addressing the federal government and the U.N. in this platform is indeed radical and at the same time extremely refreshing. Maine people are intelligent enough to know that most of Maine's problems would go away if the state sovereignty inherent in our founding documents were re-emphasized and were the federal and global leviathans chained."

Seventy five percent of the delegates in attendance at the GOP Convention approved the new, conservative platform. “This move struck a dagger into the heart of the Snowe-Collins-McKernan-Cohen-Rockefeller machine control of our party and our State,” explained Martin. “Observers of the process who claim to support 'democracy' better make sure they are on the right side of history, and this historic restoration, before talking too loudly in criticism of what that kind of majority wants. Voters will follow three things: 1. honesty; 2. truth; and 3. bravery. Most of all, they want accountability and allegiance to the things that have made us great. This platform provides all of that in spades.”

“The new Republican platform gives the voters something to delineate finally between Republicrats and Democans,” said Martin. “This platform has just breathed new life and wisdom into the process. As Maine goes, so goes the nation. Help us lead Maine back to her roots, or go back to Massachusetts and hang with your neocon buds like Scott Brown. That type is done ruling Maine's Republican Party.”



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