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By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

April 7, 2010

FORT FAIRFIELD—The recent announcement that the SAD #20 school board was considering the proposal to place police officers in Fort Fairfield schools in a teaching capacity has drawn a lot of opposition among Fort Fairfield inhabitants.

In an informal Fort Fairfield Journal poll, conducted at random around Fort Fairfield shows an overwhelming 20 to 1 against the proposal.

“I laid awake the night I read about the school board considering armed cops in the schools,” said one Fort Fairfield grandmother. “I’m going to tell my grandson in Fort Fairfield Elementary School to not go anywhere near the snooping cop if one is placed there because I don’t want them drilling him for information about our family, and coming to false conclusions. Unfortunately, this will be what we have to teach our kids: stay away from the police, they are the bad guys.”

“I don’t have a problem with the cops having guns, guns are good.” said another parent. “My problem is with the cop being able to pick up tidbits of information from young, impressionable school children, during casual conversation, that may be misconstrued and lead to unnecessary court action against the parents. I just don’t like the ability they’ll have to snoop and spy.”

The officer would be operating under the guise of a teacher as a “Resource Officer,” would be armed with both a gun and a Taser and be placed in front of the students to help read their lessons to them in order to acclimate them to an armed government official in charge of their teaching.

The cost of the program would be funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland “Security” - a government agency that has publicly stated it considers most Americans as “terrorists” that the government needs protection from.

If approved, the officer would spend fifteen to twenty hours a week teaching students at Fort Fairfield schools, with seventy percent of the time at the Elementary school.

The Fort Fairfield Journal recently received information that indicated the police were already operating as teachers within the Elementary School, and have been for at least a month, without a school board decision on the program. However, SAD #20 Superintendent Marc Gendron says the program has not been started yet and Fort Fairfield Town Manager, Dan Foster says no police have been assigned to that duty as of this time.

The SAD #20 school board members; Shawn Murchison, Scott Clark, Paula Perkins, Dawn Martin and Megan Barnes have not yet entertained a vote on this proposal.



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