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Maine Issues Driver's 

License Without Photo


Fort Fairfield Journal January 31, 2007, p. 9


Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap recently issued a Valid Without Photo Driver’s License to David Deschesne.

The without photo Driver’s license was obtained as a result of Deschesne’s plea for religious exemption based upon his belief that the digital biometric face scanned photos contained on them are a foundational building block of the Biblical ‘Mark of the Beast.”

“The ‘Mark on the Forehead,’ as outlined in the King James Version of Revelation, is translated from the Greek generically as at, near or accompanying the face,” said Deschesne. “The Bible says that without the Mark one won’t be able to ‘buy or sell.’”

Currently photo IDs are being required more and more by government and corporations as a precursor to doing business with them.

“Since the digital bio-metric photos on our driver’s licenses and soon, national ID cards are too close to that Biblical Mark which precludes those without it from buying or selling, I’m erring on the side of caution and choosing to place my faith in the Lord God rather than accept something I believe to be detrimental to my status.”

Deschesne doesn’t state unequivocally that the digital photos are the ‘Mark,’ “it’s more likely than not a foundation stone for that mark and I don’t want to have anything to do with it,” he said.

Secretary of State Dunlap agreed with Deschesne’s argument, which was presented to him in the form of past articles written on the matter in the Fort Fairfield Journal. He subsequently directed Mr. Robert E. O’Connell Jr., Director of License Services to issue the without photo license to Deschesne.

“I am in receipt of your correspondence regarding your request to have a license issued to you without a digital image,” wrote Mr. O’Connell in a letter to Deschesne. “The Secretary of State, under the authority granted him in 29-A MRSA §1401(2)(c) has authorized the issuance of a valid without photo/image license to you.”

While Deschesne still doesn’t enjoy in some cases the convenience of buying and selling which a photo ID brings with it, he is at least able to exercise his right to freely travel unencumbered by law enforcement.

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