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Orange and Blue

New American Union Colors?


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 17, 2007, p. 14

Unbeknownst to the average American, the government with its accomplices in the television and print news media have appeared to be slowly acclimating the citizenry to a new color scheme: Orange and Blue.

President Bush has appeared frequently flanked with an orange and blue background, instead of the traditional red, white and blue. “I do see what looks like a preponderance of orange and blue material on CNN; some big screen banners in orange, etc.,” said one local television viewer. “FOX seems more muted seemingly using more blue.”

While there is no official announcement yet, the Strategic and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that President Bush arbitrarily entered into with Mexico and Canada in March, 2005, may culminate into a European Union-style “American Union” with those colors as its standard.

The SPP ( is an agreement which alters the relationship of the top three members of the Organization of American States by allowing for information sharing and economic cooperation with plans to integrate the money supplies into a new “Amero” to disguise the Dollar’s downfall - all without a Congressional treaty. While borders remain intact “on paper,” the three countries’ bureaucracies are now effectively merging, quite possibly under this new orange and blue color scheme in the near future.