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Aroostook County Contingent Joins in Call for Arrest of Hillary Clinton


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 17, 2019


   Twenty eight people - 4 of them from Aroostook county - filed a signed complaint on Saturday, July 6, 2019 at the New Castle Police Department in New York, and on July 8, with the New York State Police, the County Prosecutor, and the FBI in Rye, NY, calling for the arrest of former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and U.S. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Approximately 45 people from all over the US traveled to New York on  July 5 and 6 for the event.

   The group plans on following up with all recipients to see whether any actions are taken to address the complaints.  If nothing is done, more pressure will be placed on these entities to explain their lack of inaction.

   The complaint, authored by Alan Hale Hoyle, GySgt, USMC (Ret.), lays out the crimes Clinton committed while Secretary of State when she used a personal, unsecured E-mail server to store Classified and Secret information that was easily available to foreign spies.  The complaint also alleges perjury and other illegal activity Clinton did while in that office.

   “The complaints were delivered to the New Castle PD that covers Chappaqua,” said Kevin Bushey, from Ashland, who helped organize the event at the Aroostook County level.  “The group did not have a permit to stage a protest at Clinton's home, but the police did allow for the group to 'conduct' a caravan of cars to the cul de sac where their house is located at 15 Old House Lane.  The cars were allowed to turn in the driveway and proceed back out.  The police set up two patrolmen to ensure a smooth flow in and out of the cul de sac.”

   Earlier on Saturday, the group met at a Walmart parking lot in Mohegan Lake, and stood along the highway with signs calling for equal justice for all and for Clinton's crimes to be prosecuted.  “Seven out of ten passersby honked and supported the group.  Most of those who showed their IQs (by raising their middle finger) were older women.”

  Bushey said the impetus to file a complaint against Clinton was that, curiously, none has ever been filed against her for her alleged crimes.  “What was discovered during this weekend is that there has never been any person or group - to include the federal government - that has filed any complaint for any reasons against Hillary since they have lived in Chappaqua. That changed this weekend.” 

   All eleven congressional offices originally involved with the request for a second special prosecutor to be assigned in May 2018 were invited to attend or send a representative to this July, 2019 event. However, none responded.  They were additionally notified that  the complaints were delivered.   “In my opinion, the congressional offices took advantage of the  press opp in supporting a second special prosecutor, which is easy to do in DC, yet when hard working citizen patriots showed up in NY to actually do something of real action, they were invited yet nowhere to be seen.  We can win this fight against evil, we just have to show up and defend things like 'equal justice.'  The two tiered justice system must end, else there will be trouble in the land.” 

   The full complaint can be read at: