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22 Students Graduate from FFHS


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 19, 2019


   Graduation for the class of 2019 was held on Sunday, June 9 at 3pm.  Twenty-two students graduated this year.

  2019 Class officers are: Cassidy Coiley, President; Amanda Halsey, Secretary; and Emily Everitt, Treasurer

   Cassidy Coiley gave the President's welcome and opening remarks to an audience that filled the gym to near capacity.  “Our class will remember many experiences which will stick in our minds as we make memories.  Some of them included our time in school which we spent tormenting our substitute teachers and probably our actual teachers, too,” said Coiley.  “We went on many adventures.  We really made our High School days count.  When we ventured out of High School, we knew we had to leave our mark there, as well.  We have maintained our undefeated streak at air band during Spirit Week and got back-to-back victories in Spirit week overall in the last two years.  Although we may have driven everyone crazy, we have made our mark and now we have to venture out on the world and make our mark there.”

   The Valedictorian was Chelsea Ouellette, who transferred to Fort Fairfield schools six years ago and fondly remembers her first impressions of the new school.   “Six years ago, I transferred to Fort Fairfield Middle/High School.  Being a new student is not easy, especially when a class has already formed bonds with each other in Elementary.  However, both the staff and my classmates couldn't have been kinder or friendlier to me.  Over the years, I've been amazed at how far each of you have come, individually and together as a class.  We learned that the war that took place in 1812 was not the Vietnam War, we learned that we have friends and family members that we can lean on during tough times even if we don't speak to each other all the time.  We are there for each other especially at unexpected times.  I have learned a little bit more about who I am because of you guys.  I even learned that we have an entire community rooting for us to do good in this world, because they believe and know that we are definitely capable of making the world a better and kinder place.”

   The ladies ruled the top 15% of the class and were recognized, in alphabetical order, as: Cassidy Coiley, Emily Everitt, Amanda Halsey (Salutatorian), and Chelsea Ouellette (Valedictorian).

   $60,000 worth of scholarships were awarded to eleven of the twenty-two students.  Of that, $47,000 was raised from local money.  The following is a list of scholarship recipients and the name of the scholarship awarded:


Cassidy Coiley

Arnold L. Veague Scottish Rite; FF Alumni; FFABC; George A. James Mem.; FF Volunteer Fire Dept.; FF Lions Club; FF Rifle & Pistol Club; Phyllis Fisher Gulliver; Ryan Clark Mem.; County Federal Credit Union; Ricker College; Paul Lamoreau Mem.


Emily Everitt

Abigail Ladner Mem.; FF Alumni; Class of 1954; FFABC; FF Ed. Fund; FF Rifle & Pistol Club; VFW Paul Lockhart Aux.; UM Farmington; MELMAC; Mitchell Scholarship; FF Knights of Columbus


Marissa Greene

Arthur B. & Alberta M. Cyr Mem.


Amanda Halsey

Scott Giberson Mem.; Lewis H. Kriger; Phyllis & Richard Lord; Phyllis Fisher Gulliver; FF Rotary Club; FF Alumni


Emma Holton

Gilbert & Dorothea Thibeau; FF Alumni; Taylor (Teddy) Tompkins Mem.; FF Volunteer Fire Dept.; FF Lions Club; Frontier Fish & Game Club; V.F.W. Paul Lockhart Aux.;  NMCC Presidential Schol.


Benjamin Kinney

FF Lions Club; FF Snowmobile Club; Frontier Fish & Game Club; Phyllis Fisher Gulliver; FF Knights of Columbus; FF Alumni


Dylan Lloyd

Staff Jean Fund


Jackson Martin

Beta Sigma Phi Laurette Gamma Sorority


Chelsea Ouellette

Austin James West Mem.; FF Alumni; FF Rotary Club; FF Lions Club; Keith Clark Mem.; Philip & Margaret Orser Mem.; Phyllis Fisher Gulliver; Ryan R. Clark Mem.; FF Teacher's Assoc.;


Evin Pelkey

Embark Scholarship; Beta Sigma Phi Laurette Gamma Sorority


Abigail Young

Doughty Family; Phyllis Fisher Gulliver; FF Alumni