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Fort Fairfield Journal is the Only Newspaper Printing Company Left in Northern Maine


Fort Fairfield Journal, September 26, 2018


   With the recent announcement by Bangor Publishing, parent company of Bangor Daily News and Northeast Publishing, that they will be ceasing print operations in Presque Isle, the Fort Fairfield Journal is now positioned to be the only newspaper in Northern Maine that is still printed in Northern Maine.

   Northeast Publishing publishes the Star Herald, Houlton Pioneer Times, Piscataquis Observer and Aroostook Republican.  Bangor Publishing recently acquired Madawaska-based St. John Valley Times and Fiddlehead Focus and transferred those operations to its Presque Isle location.  A few years ago, Northeast Publishing began printing the Aroostook County edition of the Bangor Daily News.

   Now that Northeast Publishing is closing, all of those newspapers will  be printed in Lewiston, Maine.

   The Fort Fairfield Journal began publication in 2004 and for the first four years was printed at the St. John Valley Times press in Madawaska.  In 2008, FFJ owner/founder David Deschesne acquired printing equipment and developed a proprietary “micro-publishing” format for printing and assembling the newspaper in Fort Fairfield, where it continues to be printed to this day.

   In 2014, Deschesne expanded the FFJ presence online by providing television news and documentary production under the WFFJ-TV banner.  Earlier this year, the online television news was expanded to feature a Week in Review weekly synopsis of local news events in a brief television documentary style format.  Some of the more popular videos are the history of the Fort Fairfield National Bank (over 1,000 views) and the Maine Potato Blossom Festival early days (over 600 views) featuring original 8mm movie film reel clips from the Maine Potato Blossom Festival parades of the 1940’s.  All videos and the Week in Review may be viewed for free at

   Started literally from nothing, the Fort Fairfield Journal has grown its service and assets over the past fourteen years with Deschesne as its sole full time employee during that entire time period.