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Pattee Brook Pedestrian Bridge to be Replaced


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 26, 2016


   The pedestrian bridge that crosses Pattee Brook behind the old town garage off Park Street washed out several years ago, severely impacting the use of a recreational trail in that area.  Earlier this year town staff looked into the possibility of a grant application for revitalizing the trail to include purchasing an aluminum pedestrian bridge that would be capable of being removed during the winter months thereby reducing the possibility of damage. 

   Tony Levesque and Tim Goff attended a grant workshop on June 21 to explore financing options for a new bridge.  After the workshop it was determined that the town should wait at least a year because the cost of the project, the amount of town matching funds that would be required and the cost of the bridge which alone would cost approximately $40,000. 

   Mr. Hanson, from Fort Fairfield Public Works Department, recently attended a State surplus property auction.  One of the items was an aluminum bridge that would work very well as a pedestrian bridge over Pattee Brook.  "Based on his research, Mr. Hanson realized the price of $2,500 was significantly lower than the $40,000 a comparable bridge would cost new," said Fort Fairfield town manager, Jim Risner.   "I authorized Mr. Hansen to bid on and purchase the bridge for $2,500 as it is still our plan to reopen the recreational trail and would save the town over $35,000." 

   At their October meeting, the town council authorized the Town manager to use $2,500 from the undesignated funds to purchase the pedestrian bridge.