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Receiving their Outstanding Citizenship Awards from FFPD Officer, Dale Keegan are (from left):  Ashley Andrews, Maryellen Kelley, Jay Lavalley and Chad Kelley.  photo/David Deschesne

FFPD Honors Four People With Outstanding Citizenship Awards


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, August 3, 2016


   The Fort Fairfield Police Department recently honored four people during the July Fort Fairfield Town Council meeting with Outstanding Citizenship awards for their role in saving a woman from a burning car crash in Fort Fairfield.

   Around 7 a.m., on June 26 Annette Lopez was travelling into Fort Fairfield when she was involved in a horrific car crash.  The impact of the crash caused the vehicle to catch fire.  Ms Lopez was still inside the vehicle, barely conscious as the car burned.  To her rescue came four individuals who put their own safety aside to help Ms. Lopez escape what certainly would have been a tragic scenario.

   “Tonight we honor Ashley Andrews and Jay Lavalley, from Fort Fairfield and Maryellen and Chad Kelly, from Westfield with the Fort Fairfield Police Department Outstanding Citizenship award,” said FFPD Officer, Dale Keegan.  “You are presented this award for your brave actions that morning, coming to the rescue of Ms. Lopez.  Your actions help remove Ms Lopez from her vehicle, for moving her to safety, for giving her a second chance.  You stood with her until Emergency Responders arrived and took over.  What was a routine morning for you all certainly will turn out to be something you will probably never forget.  This department will not forget your actions and the risk that you all took.  All of us here at the Fort Fairfield Police Department and town of Fort Fairfield want to say Thank You.”