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New Thrift Store Now Open in Fort Fairfield


Drunk Driver Rocks Opening Day Celebration


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 25, 2016


   Claudette Edgecomb has opened a new second hand store in Fort Fairfield called Nana's Thrift Store, located at 110 Presque Isle Street, across from Family Dollar.

   The store features used books, dishes, silverware, furniture and clothing in reasonably good condition.  The store also features a line of used prom gowns and wedding dresses to choose from.  Edgecomb also provides a sewing and alteration service there as well.

   “I wanted to do a thrift store but I can do sewing and alterations, too.  That's something I love to do. I can do that for proms and weddings,” said Edgecomb.

   Once she conceived the idea it took her six weeks to put the store together.  The store is arranged neatly and all used products are displayed proudly in clean condition, showing little to moderate wear. 

   “I like to keep things nice and clean.  Even though it's a used store, I like to have the items look nice.  My idea was to keep things nicely arranged so people can come in and enjoy while look around.”

   Near the close of her Grand Opening day, a drunk driver smashed into the front of the store in the area where Claudette was sitting at her desk.     Elizabeth Paradis, 34 years old, was operating a 2006 Dodge Stratus when she hit Nana's Thrift Store pulling into the parking lot.  Inside was Claudette Edgecomb, 57 years old, who was seated at a table next to the wall where the vehicle struck the building.  The building sustained moderate damage to both the exterior and interior wall of the building.  The Dodge Stratus sustained heavy front end damage and was towed from scene.

  Claudette was thrown across the room from the impact.   After an examination and observation at The Aroostook Medical Center she was released with bruises to her abdomen.  She says it was unfortunate to have such an event happen on her opening day, but remains steadfast at keeping the business open amidst all of the repair and construction work that will be undertaken to repair the front of the building.  

   Nana's Thrift Store is open Tuesday - Friday 2pm-5pm and Saturday, 9am-5pm.  Claudette can be reached by phone at (207) 762-2156.  She also accepts donations of used items.