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Trash Into Treasure


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 30, 2016


click photo to enlarge, photo/David Deschesne 

CRAWFORDVILLE, FloridaOrlando Mesa, an inmate at Wakulla Prison in Crawfordville, Florida has developed his skills at weaving by converting ordinary trash bags into incredible works of art. 

   “These objects came from nothing, the plastic of different varieties from garbage bags,” said Steve Kovacs, a fellow inmate with Mesa at the Wakulla Prison.  “The red is derived from a bio-hazard bag.

   Kovacs said Mesa was bored one day and, being very creative with his hands, began tearing trash bags into strips, then stretched them to make the string that he uses to weave various forms of artwork. 

   “For Valentine's Day he made a red heart with a cross in the middle of it!”

   Kovacs explains how the common belief that prisons are human warehouses where everyone is systematically idle is an error.  “I would like to disabuse people of that notion by informing them that in fact, prisons by design operate to address the full spectrum of human failings and deficiencies including, but not limited to, the educational, psychological, and medical needs of a massive prison population.  However, there are things to be desired.”

   Those who would like to contact Orlando Mesa via mail may write to him at the following address:


Orlando Mesa #0-B13883

Wakulla Correctional Institution

110 Melaleuca Drive

Crawfordville, Florida 32327-4963