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Fort Fairfield ATV Club Reestablished


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 30, 2016


   After being abandoned for the past several years, the Fort Fairfield Frontier ATV club has been reorganized under new leadership and their charter has been updated.

   Todd Walker is the new President of the club and William Perkins, the Vice President.  “I would like the Fort Fairfield town council to consider working with us to institute a program for our youth promoting ATV safety,” said Walker.  “There's no place around here that does that, we have to go all the way to Fort Kent with my daughter to get her education in ATV safety.  “ 

   David Ossie had built a lot of the original trails the club has used throughout the years and says the key to success is to respect other people's property. “I can ride around here on any farm I want and I'm one of the very few that can because I respect the land, and always have.  But not other people can,” said Ossie.  “No Trespassing means no trespassing.”

   If we have a club we have to stick with the rules and guidelines or it's not going to work.  I think we should use the old trails that we had utilized, make them up to date, appropriate, and show the town that we mean business.  If we can do that maybe the town will give us a little more shoelace to play with.  If not, we don't deserve it.  It has to be done right or it won't work.”

Brandie Rowell, board member.  “We've been working really hard at redoing the bylaws to make things stricter.  If you join the club and you violate the rules, you will be expelled from the club for thirty days.  If you do it again, you're out.  We want to make sure people will respect people's property.  If you don't show respect, you're out.  You can't go around ripping up people's property, ripping up the trails and stuff like that.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us.  All the trails are overgrown, people have just let them go which is disrespectful to people's property.  We really want to crack down and be a lot stricter with the rules on people's property.  If people do have a problem with someone ripping up their land, we want them to please feel free to call us so we can go and remedy the situation.

   For more information about the Fort Fairfield Frontier ATV Club, contact Todd Walker at 551-4377.