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Local First Responders Honored

for Saving Fort Woman’s Life


Sherilyn Bennett (fourth from left) along with a friend and family members joined to thank the three first responders who saved her life last month.  The First Responders from Fort Fairfield Fire Department are:  Mitch Dufour (left), Matt McPherson and Fort Fairfield Police Officer, Cody Fenderson.  She was accompanied here by her son, David Geer, friend, Shannon Nichols, her daughter and her two grandchildren.                                                    photo/David Deschesne


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 3, 2016


   Fort Fairfield Police and Fire employees saved an individual's life during an emergency call on December 20, 2015. 

   That evening, Fire Department First Responders,  Mitch Dufour and Matt McPherson, along with Fort Fairfield Police Officer, Cody Fenderson responded to a medical call at 8 High Street for a female victim choking and turning blue. 

   On their arrival they found 52 year-old Sherri Bennett on the floor, unconscious with a weak pulse.  At one point there was no pulse.  They observed her not breathing and began taking life saving measures.  It became necessary for them to perform CPR and administer the Automated External Defibulator (AED), giving her three shocks to put her back into a sustainable heart rhythm.

     The three men were given letters of commendation at the January 20, 2016 town council meeting for their heroic actions.

   “It's not very often in Public Safety that we have the opportunity to give out letters of commendation because most of the things that we do are more or less expected of us,” said Bill Campbell, Fort Fairfield's Director of Public Safety.  “When we take the job we realize that the things we're doing every day are things that are expected of us.  We don't blow our own horn, typically, we're very humble - at least we should be.  This is a very special occasion.  These three individuals, I would say a team because they work very well together, were instrumental in saving this woman's life.” 

   Campbell said it was without a doubt, their early intervention that saved her life.  “I commend you three for your life saving efforts and helping spare this lady's family a tragedy just before the holiday season.”

   “I am very, very thankful for what you guys have done,” Ms. Bennett told the first responders during the ceremony.  “I have so many grand children that need me I have family that needs me, I'm so thankful for still being alive.  You guys did a great job, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me.  I really appreciate it and I know my family does, too.”

   Ms. Bennett said she passed out that evening and doesn't remember a thing.  She was with her son, who called 9/11 and the responders got there in less than five minutes.