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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


245 Graduate From NMCC


See the WFFJ-TV News video of this event at


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 27, 2015


   Northern Maine Community College held its commencement exercises at The Forum in Presque Isle on Saturday, May 16.  245 students graduated from the college.

   The Commencement Speaker for this year's graduation was Luke Shorty, Executive Director, Maine School of Science and Mathematics.  “I want to thank NMCC for inviting me to address the 2015 commencement and the graduating class.  It is truly an honor for me to be a part of this celebration in recognition of the graduates' success.”

   Bob Clark, Executive Director of the Maine Community College System presented a greetings from the board to the graduates.  “Commencements are a day of celebration and it's an opportunity for all of us here today to share with you and your families an accomplishment that is of great significance; an accomplishment that affirms that Maine people are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams.”

   The 2015 NMCC Student of the Year was Duska Kingsbury, a mother of six from Mars Hill.  She said she looked into NMCC at the suggestion of her friend, who was in their nursing program. “I was curious as to the programs they offered.  I came up and was shown the facility and kind of fell in love with the small, intimate feel of the campus.  I started in the Liberal Studies program and I'm grateful that I took that step.”

   As a non-traditional student, Duska returned to school after twenty years to attain a Liberal Arts degree in preparation for attending the University of Maine at Presque Isle for a degree in Social Work.  “I've been accepted at UMPI and that's very exciting, it's another step in the process.”

   Kingsbury said her most memorable times at NMCC were with the friends that she made while there.  “Being a non-traditional student, I made both non-traditional student friends and I also made friends with students that were just out of [high school] because when you're in the classroom you all have the same goals. There's a feeling of camaraderie.

   She identifies herself as a non-traditional student and describes that as one who has been out of school for a certain period of time then going back.  “Traditional students have usually graduated high school and immediately go into a college of some sort.  I went a year of college when I graduated but didn't really like it, didn't have much success with it and after twenty years decided to go back to school and have found great success. 

   This year's President's award went to Greg Thompson, NMCC Life Sciences Instructor.  “Prior to Greg coming to work for us we contracted out our Anatomy/Physiology and Microbiology courses but the nursing faculty really felt we needed a full time instructor.  With that directive I went out with a group of other folks and we hired Greg to come in.  Greg has a passion for his work, for his students, for the institution.  He's the best hire I ever made.  He has provided a wonderful atmosphere for students to learn and grow in.”

   Thompson currently serves on the safety committee, and has served on the faculty management committee for ten years.  “He's been a steady, strong voice for faculty and the community on that committee.”

   Also recognized were NMCC members of the All-Maine Academic Team, Samantha Buck and Joshua Pike.  The Falcon Spirit Award went to Cade Patten.

   After the ceremony, a reception was held for the graduates with plenty of food and snacks for family and friends.

   To view a Fort Fairfield Journal television news video of this event, go to



The 2015 NMCC graduating class


Early Childhood Education

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Samantha Lyn Buck*

Ashley Doucette

Janice Pictou*

Chantal Rioux*

Bonnie Stickeny*

Charlien Burson

Haley Knowles

Jacqueline Putnam*

Todd Stephenson*

Cortney Swan


Liberal Studies

Associate in Arts Degree

John Adams

Jennifer Ann Alvarez

April Dalbeck

Sasha Grass

Hillary Jackson

Jacob Lassonde

Cortney Swan

Anthony Viola

Hillary Albert*

Sonja Creasey

Tyler Gadaire*

Jesse Henderson*

Duska Kingsbury*

Suzanne St. Pierre-Donovan

Victoria Tanenbaum

Jon-Sebastian Weatherbee*



Associate in Applied Science Degree

Keiza Bernaiche*

Jonathan Clayton

William Kemp III

Raechel Rockwell

Anjanette Walsh*

Brittany Clark

Amanda Graves

Cheryl Murchison*

Darcy St. Thomas


Accounting Information Systems

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Robin Baxter-Beckwith*

Annette Derry

Cheryl Marchand*

Heather Carnes*

Leslie Knox

Heather Stokes


Business Administration-Management

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Bret Butler

Heather Carnes*

Melissa Carson

Michelle Fournier*

Rebecca Grass

Garth Kinney

Brandon McDonald

Richard Mullen*

Robert Travers

Jeffery Wotton

Carla Cambridge*

Cassie Caron

Alexander Forbes

Hope Gagnon

Joshua Hitchcock

Chelsea Leighton

Gabriel Malave

Sean Robertson*

Kyle Vislosky




Bryan Romine


Medical Office Administration

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Sarah Brewer*

Jade McConnell*

Dallas Dutra

Katelyn Melvin


Office Assistant


Bree Taylor


Emergency Medical Services

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Amy Dionne


EMT Intermediate


John Adams




Lindsay Wilson


Community Paramedicine

Advanced Certificate

Colin Ayer*

Andrew Clark*

Michael Haven

Joshua Pobrislo*

Lori Thompson*

Evariste Bernier*

Blakeslee Davis*

Patrick Mendelsohn*

Daniel Svenson

Andrew Turcotte*


Associate in Applied Science Degree

Andrew Breitbeil*

Amy Gagnon

Nathaniel Contreras*

Michael Scherb*



Christopher Copp*

Terri McGuire*


Health Information Management

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Jessica Caron

Michele Cloutier*

Katherine DuBois

Laken Kingsbury

Jill Smith*

Paula Walton

Ashley Chasse*

Ashley Doucette

Landon Jackins

Mariah Mockler

Michelle Tauer

Elmer Whittaker, Jr.


Medical Assisting

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Jaimee Amero*

Brittany Davies

Nicole Driscoll

Kenirae Fitzpatrick

Allison Little*

Anna Rossignol*

Michele Wilcox*

Heather Wright

Jenny Blackstone

Kimberly Drake*

Danielle Dudley*

Melissa Greenleaf

Christina McCrum

Cheryl Tarr*

Cierra Willette

Serena Wright*



Associate in Science Degree

Stephanie Ball

Sarah Brennan

Stacey Brissette

Kristin Cousins

Megan Davis

Krystle Gadaire

Jolene Haugen*

Dakota Koch

Kristen McQuade

Becky Millett

Chelsea Quinn*

Donna Short

Casey Violette

Lillian Walker

Kaitlynn Wellington

Lauren Beckwith

Cara Brinkerhoff

Melissa Clapper

Kimberly Cushman*

Tammi Flint*

Leslie Hart

Torri Huston*

Theresa Beth Lint

Kate Michaud*

Meghan Murphy

Elizabeth Sewell*

Kayla Spooner

Emma Walker

Josie Watson

Jessica Wohlgemuth*


Automotive Collision Repair

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Neal Albert

Ryan Dyer

Cassandra Lunney

Christopher Weeks

Eliza Clark

Troy Lagasse

Joshua Nason



Phillip Carleton*

Sean Muriel


Automotive Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Cleo Bouchard

Jory Chamberland

Dylan Drost

Joshua Pike*

Candace Whitmore

Spencer Campbell

Kevin Demers

Keith McGraw

Christopher Weeks

Harley Wiggins



Macy Dyer-Hill

Andrew White, Jr.

David Milliard


Computer-Aided Drafting Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Ryan Bard

Grahm Michael Freme

Caleb Williamson*

Joshua Daigle*

Joshua Perry


Computer Electronics

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Jennifer Belanger*

Karl Casey

Matthew Jenkins

Jose Ocana

Nicholas Bragg*

Matthew Cox*

Joel Johndro*


Diesel Hydraulics Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Joshua Blanchette

Justin Crockett

Kevin Demers

Garrett Hemphill

Benjamin Lynds

Hezekiah Myers

William Randall

Harley Wiggins

Travis Caron

Joseph Cushman

Michael deMontigny*

Ethan Jewell

Justin McGinley

Zachary Pryor

Kevin Strid



William Frost

Zachary Hartin-Brown


Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Christopher Bailey, Jr.

Isacc Brown

Jarrett Cannan

Paul Drost, Jr.

Marc LaJoie

Thomas Morin*

Ryan Picard

Matthew Till

Justin Beckwith

Kyle Burch

Julie Carney

Zachary Jones*

Bradley Long*

Darrin Murray

Carrie Saindon



Joshua Holmes


Plumbing & Heating

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Christopher Edward Eriksson

Anthony Henderson

Eric Pemberton

Tim Golden

Aaron Legg

Michael Qualey




Davina Dickinson*

Bryan Ouellette*




Davina Dickinson*


Precision Metals Manufacturing

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Nicholas Bull

Jacob Crocker

Kurtis Gagnon*

Darren Knight

Brandon Maguire

Brett Stratton

Blaine Cooper

Ryan Cullins

Garth Johnson

Andrew Losiewicz

Matthew Martin

David Wentworth



Andrew Thompson


Residential Construction

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Ethan Cushman*

Andrew Michaud

Shane Ellis

Michael Suggs


Structural Welding


Tyler Chasse

Davina Dickinson*

Preston Jackson

Matthew Martin

Eliza Clark

Justin Guerette*

Cyle McCleary

Keith Michaud


Welding & Metal Fabrication


Stephen Benbow*

Scott Browning*

Jesse Clark

Preston Jackson

Misty Polchies

Damien Boyce*

Thomas Cannon

Jerry Hayes

Shawn Myers

Allen St.Peter*


Wind Power Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Shawn Bryant

Cade Patten*

Aaron Lapointe


*Honors graduate, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or greater


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