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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


Maine Politicians, Media Running

Campaign to Demonize Maine Constitution


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 23, 2014


   It’s the Supreme law of the land, the template to which all other laws must comply; it is a document that enumerates our natural rights and places limits on government when it attempts to infringe upon those rights.  Even though all elected representatives in Maine have to swear an oath to uphold it, mere mention of the Maine Constitution these days elicits cries of outrage and despair  from those power hungry politicians just as Holy Water would a vampire.

  Over the past few years a move by the Maine State Police, under the direction of the foreign-controlled Department of Homeland “Security,” has begun labeling anyone who cites the Maine or U.S. Constitutions, or even dares to hold their elected representatives accountable to those documents, as “extremists” or “domestic terrorists.”  The Communist-controlled mainstream television, radio and print media have been instrumental in forcing this meme into the public mindset by a constant belittling and demonizing of anyone who dares to cite Maine’s oldest and founding legal document—the Maine Constitution.

   There’s big money in government and even bigger money when politicians can illegally steal it from the citizenry via excessive fines, penalties and fees.  The Maine Constitution places limits and holds on what the government can do to its citizenry and it is for that reason that power-hungry socialists and communists who have infiltrated both the Republican and Democrat parties that infest the legislature in Augusta are so up in arms against that legal document today.

   Last year a group of concerned legal researchers at the Constitution Coalition of Maine (CCM) brought the subject of various Constitutional infractions by the Maine legislature to the attention of Maine Governor, Paul LePage in the form of a remonstrance.  A remonstrance is simply a stronger, written form of redressing of grievances to the government and is allowed for in the Maine Constitution at Article 1, Sec. 15.

   Even though the remonstrance process is a lawful, nonviolent procedure allowed for in the Maine Constitution, Maine politicians and their lackeys in the mainstream media have been hyperventilating over its use recently as they see their excessive power and profits being not only exposed, but called into question and their very continuance threatened by such exposure.

   “It is disturbing and irresponsible for Governor LePage to have ongoing meetings with people who are dangerous and known to be domestic terrorists,” said Senate President Justin Alfond of Portland. “We have zero tolerance for threats of violence, whether on the playground or at the State House. And instead of shutting it down, Governor LePage entertained their delusional thoughts and gave these people a voice.”

   While Senator Alfond claims to have no tolerance for violence, he wholeheartedly supports it when it is done by the government against the citizenry in the form of heavy-handed police state tactics to coerce an unwitting citizenry to obey all unconstitutional laws and edicts originating from the State House.

   Echoing the hyperbole was Maine's Speaker of the House, Mark Eves, from North Berwick, “This violent extremist group presents a real and present danger,” said Eves. “It’s outrageous that the Governor would meet with them and validate their criminal and violent ideas.”

   It is lost on Eves, however, that the most violent extremist group in Maine is the Maine legislature and its accomplices in the judicial branch, as well as law enforcement who are charged with upholding unconstitutional “laws” at the barrel of a gun even though paradoxically each and every law enforcement officer, judge  and legislator in Maine had to swear an oath to uphold the very Constitution many of them are now in contempt of. 

   Both Alfond and Eves are on the defensive here because it is they who oversee the bringing forth of unconstitutional ideas in the form of bills to their respective houses of the Maine legislature in order to attempt to get them passed into law.  Neither of the two seem to respect the Maine Constitution or the rights it enumerates for the people in Maine.  Rather, their ilk would like to see Maine degenerate into a third-world failed, communist state where the primary business is policing and prisons and the government's profit centers are stealing money from the citizenry wholesale.  This strategy of power and domination can only come to fruition if the limits and holds in the Maine Constitution are either marginalized, ignored, or outright done away with.  To that end, the mainstream news media in Maine is doing a wonderful job at towing the party line in abolishing all of the checks and balances encoded in the Constitution.

   Alfond and Eves were responding to a new book, As Maine Went from Maine blogger and author Mike Tipping,  which noted LePage met with the group eight times for up to three hours. Tipping says, “The central topic of conversation for most of the meetings was the sovereigns’ remonstrances,” documents that they said gave them the authority to arrest and execute Maine House Speaker Mark Eves and Senate President Justin Alfond for treason.”

   The legal researchers of the CCM did not consider themselves “sovereigns” and did not call for any acts of violence.  They were simply attempting to educate the Governor on how far from the Constitution Maine’s laws have strayed and outlined some ideas for getting the state back on track. Tipping’s book appears to be part of an elaborate smear campaign to at once discredit Governor LePage during an election season and to advance vitriolic rhetoric against the Maine Constitution.

   Wayne Leach is a CCM member who was present at the meetings with Governor LePage and says no threats of violence were ever suggested.  “I do not belong to any group of sovereign citizens, or domestic terrorists. I did not hear the hanging or execution of anybody mentioned in the Governor's conference room at any time,” Leach told the Fort Fairfield Journal. “Mike Tipping proved few, if any, of his allegations with valid lawful evidence.”

   Leach has an ongoing invitation to Mr. Tipping, Governor LePage, members of the public, and CCM members to have a live, recorded public media conference to see who espouses the truth.

   “Our Constitution(s) are non-political.  Either Obey, or Amend but we will not allow politicians to ignore any longer,” said Jack McCarthy, CCM member and host of The Aroostook Watchman on WXME radio in Monticello.  “Taking an oath to defend and support a document they have not read and do not understand is perjury.”

   McCarthy reiterated the non-violent nature of the CCM and its goals.  “The shortest description of our (and thousands of others’) efforts is the restoration of the republic. To accomplish this objective we have taken the path of educating the people, informing the elected representatives of the people, instructing our elected and requiring an answer to our grievances, and finally engaging the Attorney General, the Sheriff and the Governor to take lawful constitutional action against the oath breakers at all levels. Demanding an investigation by the Capital police, the Attorney General and the Grand Jury can not be twisted into vigilantism unless the ultimate motive is the destruction of the whistle blowers and the undermining of any official that might consider investigating and exposing the massive corruption of our state government woven through all 'parties' and their ideologies.”

   The beating of the drum against Constitutionalists has been going on for years at the Federal level.  In February, 2013 that drumbeat came to Maine when the Maine Criminal Justice Academy began offering a course entitled Sovereign Citizens where it trained police officers that anyone who “claim[s] to follow only God’s laws and the amendments found in the original Bill of Rights” is to be considered “domestic terrorists,” defining them as “groups or individuals operating entirely inside the U.S., attempting to influence the government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity.”

  Apparently, educating a sitting state Governor as to the malfeasance and unconstitutional activities of the Maine legislature, and the bureaucracies and judiciary that support it, has now been deemed “criminal activity” by those within the power structure who stand to lose their vice-like grip over the affairs and finances of the Maine inhabitants they have comfortably ruled over and stolen from for years.







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