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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


FFHS Hosts Commencement Exercises


32 Seniors Graduate from Fort Fairfield High School



Jordan Sirois (left) and Madeline Martin lead their class in during the commencement exercises at Fort Fairfield High School gym last Sunday.                                         photo/David Deschesne



By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 11, 2014


   Thirty-two seniors graduated from Fort Fairfield High School on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

   Class officers for FFHS Class of 2014 are:  Madeline Martin, President; Jordan Sirois, Vice President, Shyanna Smith, Secretary and Whitney McNamee, Treasurer.   Class of 2014 who are on the Student Council are; Kara Barnes, Logan Bubar and Erin Williams.

   During the Senior Banquet, held the evening before, Logan Bubar was named Outstanding Senior for 2014.  Alyssa Dougherty and Desiraie Rediker were recognized as having perfect attendance. 

Jordan Sirois and Carter Shaw received the Charles Lockhart Athletic Award and Logan Bubar and Noah Bernard received the Hugh Lockhart Award.  The Basle Mahaney Award for outstanding male and female athletes, as voted on by their classmates, was awarded to Logan Bubar and Carter Shaw.

   Class President, Madeline Martin opened the graduation ceremony with a short introductory speech.  Martin says she has been very fortunate to grow up beside her fellow classmates.  “Many of us were playing together in pre-school, others joined in along the way.  These past fourteen years have brought me up with lifelong friendships and memories of people who I'll never, ever forget.  None of us would have made it here without the help of some very special people.  I would like to thank the teachers and staff of Fort Fairfield Middle/High School.”

    Jordann Coiley presented the Salutatory essay. She says she knows each and every one of her classmates has the power, will and ability to succeed in all of their lives' endeavors and credits the teaching staff in the Fort Fairfield school system.  “From Elementary School to now we've had teachers come for one year; we've had teachers stay for years and we had teachers who made lasting impressions on our minds and hearts.  Personally, I can honestly say I wouldn't have made it this far without the love and emotional support of my friends, family and classmates.” 

 Jordan Sirois then gave the Valedictory address.  She thanked her teachers, friends, family and remembered her late father who she says is still watching over her today.  Sirois reflected on the past several years as she and her classmates matriculated through the Fort Fairfield school system.  “Today we are going to walk out of those doors, the doors we walked through seven years ago as timid little sixth graders.  Just like when we walked into a new chapter in our life then, today we are walking out into an even bigger chapter of our future.  The future can be scary, but it can also be wonderful. Our class is a class that will step forward, and today we are making that first step, into the unknown, and I know it will be brilliant for us because we are a class full of persistent, hardworking, and maybe sometimes even a little bit stubborn individuals who can do anything we set our minds to.  That's why I know we all have wonderful futures ahead of us, full of happiness.  I'm beyond excited to see what the future has in store for this class.”

The Top ten students in cumulative ranking for their four years of High School were recognized, the first eight in no particular order, as:  Logan Bubar, Alyssa Dougherty, Jerrold Harsh-Warne, Madeline Martin, Abagail Player, Desiraie Rediker, Shyanna Smith, Matthew Theriault, Jordann Coiley, and Jordan Sirois.

Scholarships totaling $77,800 were awarded to FFHS graduates planning on going on to higher education.  Scholarships were awarded as follows:


UMPI President's Award:  Jerold Harsh-Warne

NMCC President's Award:  Shyanna Smith

Gilbert & Dorothea Thibeau Memorial:  Kara Barnes

Philip & Margaret Orser:  Whitney McNamee

Beta Sigma Phi-Preceptor Gamma:  Carter Shaw, Connor Churchill, Kara Barnes

Phyllis Fisher Gulliver Scholarship: Whitney McNamee, Madison Watson,  Matthew Theriault, Shyanna Smith, Jordan Sirois, Carter Shaw, Desiraie Rediker, Jordann Coiley, Ryan Pelkey

Richard & Phyllis Lord Scholarship: Kara Barnes

William G. Mortenson Memorial: Matthew Theriault

MELMAC Education Foundation:  Erin Williams

George A. James Memorial:  Desiraie Rediker

Ryan R. Clark Memorial:  Noah Bernard, Madeline Martin, Abagail Player

Fort Fairfield Educational Fund:  Kara Barnes, Jerrold Harsh-Warne

Keith Clark Memorial:  Jordan Sirois

Lewis H. Kriger Memorial:  Janae Libby

Early College for ME:  Connor Churchill, Desiraie Rediker

Ricker College Endowment:  Jordan Sirois

Main Street Scholarship:  Jane Libby, Connor Churchill, Jessica Goshorn

County Federal Credit Union:  Madison Watson, Jordann Coiley

Gauvin Aroostook Aspirations Scholarship:  Shyanna Smith

Aroostook County Letter Carriers:  Madeline Martin

V.F.W. Paul Lockhart Ladies Auxiliary:  Desiraie Rediker, Nichole Giberson

FFHS Alumni Assoc.:  Madeline Martin, Logan Bubar, Jordann Coiley, Jordan Sirois, Shyanna Smith, Matthew Theriault, Whitney McNamee, Alyssa Dougherty, Madison Watson, Erin Williams, Bethany York.

Frontier Fish & Game Club:  Noah Bernard

Doughty Family:  Abagail Player

Robert S. Doughty Memorial:  Noah Bernard

Fort Fairfield Knights of Columbus:  Jordan Sirois, Noah Bernard, Whitney McNamee, Desiraie Redicker

Lajoie Family Nursing Scholarship: Shyanna Smith

FF Snowmobile Club:  Abagail Player

Class of 1954 Scholarship:  Jordan Coiley

Taylor (Teddy) Tompkins:  Noah Bernard, Whitney McNamee

FF Lions Club:  Kara Barnes, Madison Watson, Carter Shaw

FF Student Council:  Logan Bubar, Erin Williams

Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship:  Jordan Sirois

FF Rotary Club:  Whitney McNamee, Carter Shaw, Jordan Coiley

FF Athletic Boosters: Logan Bubar, Janae Libby, Noah Bernard, Carter Shaw

FF Teacher's Association:  Abagail Player

Arthur B. & Alberta Cyr Memorial:  Erin Williams

FF Fire Dept.:   Madison Watson



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