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Sexual Deviants Further Corrupt Maine’s Secular Marriage Laws

Pedophilia and Bestiality Next on their Agenda

By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

November 14, 2012, p. 1

When the Maine legislature got into the marriage business in 1909 and took the authority to set standards for marriages away from the church, the legislators could never have believed that one day in Maine’s future, homosexual marriages would be made “legal.” At the time, homosexuality was a crime in Maine that was punishable by imprisonment for not less than one, nor more than ten years. (see Maine Revised Statutes, 1916, Ch. 126, §3, p. 1482). Generations later, homosexual/same-sex marriage has been made legitimate by a slim majority of Maine voters. Now that sexual deviancy has been legitimized, in generations to come Maine voters will likely have to decide on allowing the legalization of pedophilia (sex with children under twelve years old) and bestiality (sex with animals) using the exact same tried and tested strategies of “equality” and “tolerance” the homosexual crowd recently used with great success to promote and sell their brand of sexual deviancy to the voting public. The founders of various pro-pedophile groups such as North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and other similar groups had adult male homosexuals as their founders. They have also called for abolishing the age of consent laws regarding sex with children.

With the narrow passage of a referendum in Maine by transplanted Boston Massachusetts communists, in-State homosexuals and a plethora of ill-informed youth who have been indoctrinated by civil rights teams that being “tolerant” means to accept sexual behavior that defies the laws of nature and nature’s God, proponents of that referendum question believe they have actually succeeded in changing the doctrine of marriage that dates back over 6,000 years as codified in the Holy Bible. However, no vote by any man can amend or annul Holy writ. Nobody can overrule The LORD God.

In the 1880s governments began taking over the regulation and licensing of marriage which had historically been under the purview of the church and other similar religious organizations. Prior to that time, government’s role was merely the record keeper, logging into the public record all marriages solemnized by the church. It was left up to the church to regulate marriages according to God’s law.


History of Marriage in Maine

When Maine was first formed as a state in 1821, the act of marriage was much simpler and less evasive than it is today. There was no licensing scheme, no Child Protective Services, and, while the State did prohibit those types of marriages denounced in the Holy Bible, there was otherwise very little state interference. Town clerks merely certified a public notice of the marriage was duly placed prior to the event, then ministers and justices of the peace submitted a list of all married couples to the Clerk every April for all marriages of the preceding twelve months. The Clerk then logged the marriages into the public record, they never issued a license to marry and for almost 100 years, logged marriages without licenses.1

Original marriage laws were similar in nature to ancient Roman civil law, where the government’s only interest in marriage was the fact that it was announced publicly. The ancient Roman government issued no certificates and played little part in the initial marriage agreement.2


Marriage Licenses

Today, States have declared marriage to be an illegal, regulatable enterprise, much like fishing, hunting, and selling cars. All who wish to be married must be licensed before the State will acknowledge them as so.

The marriage license was originally conceived during the Reconstruction Period of 1864-1880. During that time, the newly-freed black slaves were prohibited from marrying their white counterparts unless permission was granted to do so from the State government via the marriage license.

Today, couples are tricked into thinking they need a license to be considered married. That which the State licenses it can thereby regulate. The license is then converted into a certificate after the marriage takes place.3 It is this State-ordained marriage license—a counterfeit of the Biblical marriage covenant—that the homosexuals were successful at changing the rules on, nothing more.

The state of Maine transformed the passive act of the clerk certifying publication of marriage intentions to the active act of granting permission via the certificate in 1909 when the clerk was then authorized to hold the certificate for five days after intentions were filed with him and the marriage could ensue only after the certificate was issued.4 The withholding of a certificate was then a de-facto license.


Marriage under the god of the State

When the citizenry allowed the state to hi-jack the covenant of marriage from the church in the late 1800’s (1909, in Maine), that move created a “civil union” type marriage that was not ordained under the God of the Bible, but rather created a new “god” – the state – that ordained said marriages. Since the god of the State ultimately gets its walking orders from the citizenry through the electoral process, it was only a matter of time before the citizenry forced their god to change the rules governing marriage from those inherited from the original, Biblical doctrine, to a more liberal, lax, man-centered format.

The result – homosexual/same-sex marriage – under a state-sponsored marriage licensing scheme was inevitable because the church and God have no say in this man-created covenant. The two are as different as horses and fish. One is nowhere near the other in style, format, process or paradigm. Maine’s state-sanctioned marriage license ultimately fell prey to man’s lusts and the majority rule and homosexual “marriage” has been legitimized because it gets its rule-making authority from man, not God.

All the current referendum question changed is the state god’s marriage license criteria, not the marriage of the Bible. The two are not one and the same.

“In the past, we couldn’t buy beer on Sunday and stores and businesses over a certain size could not be open on Sunday. As a result, people went to church and visited their families on that day,” said Scott, a local voter. “When it came time to vote to change those laws, I voted yes, thinking it was progressive. Today, Sunday has turned into just another business day. Very few people attend church and even less spend time with their families. That vote caused our society to begin to fall apart and I now know I was wrong for supporting it. Homosexual marriage is just another wedge placed in society that will end up with us being worse off in the future, rather than better.”

Man adopted the state-god governed marriage license scheme so he could kick God out of the picture and replace him with the god of the state – a god that more easily bends and folds to the political winds of the day. That’s the god man wants to enter into the marriage license under today; Christians and homosexuals, alike.

The state-sanctioned marriage license scheme is neither rooted in Biblical writ nor governed by the God of the Holy Bible, all of the trappings of Divine Providence and providential church backdrops notwithstanding. It is a wholly separate creation, a counterfeit of God’s master plan. It is that counterfeit system that now allows homosexual marriage.


1. The Laws of Maine, 1821, Chapter 70, section 5.

2. An Introduction to Roman Law, ©1962 Barry Nicholas, pp. 80-81

3. for example, see Maine Revised Statutes, 2004, Title 19-A, §656(2)

4. Maine Revised Statutes, 1916, Ch. 64, Sec. 5


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