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64th Annual Maine Potato Blossom

Festival Kicks Off With Two New Queens


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 13, 2011

On Saturday evening, July 9, the annual Maine Potato Blossom Festivities began for the 2011 season. Starting off this year’s festival was the Pre-Teen and Teen Miss Maine Potato Queen pageant held at the Fort Fairfield Middle/High School gym.

This is the second year for this division of girls. Eight young ladies participated in the Pre-teen contest while six vied for the Teen title.

Michaela Powers was crowned last year as the first-ever Teen Miss Maine Potato Queen.

“The Teen and Pre-Teen pageants were the first pageants held so I was able to enjoy the entire 2010 Maine Potato Blossom Festival as a new queen,” said Powers. “Along with my Pre-Teen sister queen, Madison, we attended the next three pageants and welcomed our sister queens for the year. I was also excited to attend the Industry Dinner. That night I met Paul LePage and I made sure to have my picture taken with him because I was sure he was going to be the next Governor of Maine...Good Call!”

This year’s Pre-Teen contestants were; Kyra Thibeault, Caribou; Taylor Devoe, Easton; Sarah Craig, Mapleton; Kaley Norsworthy, Fort Fairfield; Chloe Wheeler, Mars Hill and Emily Michaud, Limestone.

The Teen Miss contestants were; Abagale Stewart, Easton; Reanna Plourde, Caribou; Madeline Martin, Fort Fairfield; Stephanie Dame, Mars Hill; Hannah Stoutamyer, Mapleton and Megan Byers, Presque Isle.

Chloe Wheeler was crowned the 2011 Pre-Teen Miss Maine Potato Queen. She performed an energetic vocal rendition of Bob Segar’s Old Time Rock and Roll. She is the daughter of Allison and Mitchell Wheeler. First runner-up was Emily Michaud, who performed a dance routine to Car Wash. She is the daughter of Danielle and Trevor Michaud. Second runner-up was Mayce Kinney. She gave a vocal performance to Part of Your World. Mayce is the daughter of Kim and Jirad Kinney.

Miss Congeniality for the Pre-Teen contestants was Emma Nicole LaJoie, daughter of Peggy and John LaJoie.

Hanna Stoutamyer was crowned 2011 Teen Miss Maine Potato Queen. She performed a lyrical dance to Hallelujah. She is the daughter of Kristi and Adam Stoutamyer. First runner-up was Madeline Martin, daughter of Tony and Dawn Martin. Madeline performed a lyrical dance to Uncharted. Second runner-up was Abagale Stewart. Abagale performed a lyrical dance to I’ll be. She is the daughter of Tina and Jonathan Fields.

Miss Congeniality for the Teen Miss pageant was Stephanie Dame.

As of the printing and distribution of this edition of Fort Fairfield Journal, the Little Miss and Jr. Miss pageants will be taking place, so all pageants and festival activities will be wrapped up in next edition on July 27.

queen photos/David Deschesne

For pageant photos, click here




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