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Twenty-Nine Graduate from Fort Fairfield High School

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 12, 2013

The Fort Fairfield High School Class of 2013 graduated 29 seniors this past Sunday afternoon. Eighty percent are going on to higher education, two seniors are joining the U.S. military.

The Salutatorian was Austin Bernier. "These past four years have been some of the best in my life. I would like to thank all my friends and classmates for making it so memorable. You guys have always been there through the ups and downs of high school and always been by my side when I needed you the most," said Bernier during his address. "As we reflect on the past four years we can now look toward the future. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in everything they do. I want to thank everyone for helping me get where I am today. First, I want to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ because with Him, everything is possible. Next, I'd like to thank my family for always being there for me and pushing me to be the best that I can be. I'd also like to thank all the teachers, staff and coaches because all of you helped us immensely in our lives.

Delivering the Valedictory address was Sarah Holbrook. "I know it's customary for a valedictorian to have a long speech, but I think I'd like to make it short by talking about a lesson I learned in High School. " Holbrook went on to describe how she has found life is like a long and winding tunnel with many different directions. Each one gives a new and unique perspective and a new set of potentialities for the person who travels it.

Principal, Tanya Belanger presented the academic awards to the top ten students for the class of 2013, based on 3-1/2 years of weighted grades. The top ten students were (in no particular order): Veronica Plourde, Sydney Churchill, Erica Thompson, Victoria Plourde, Devin Ireland, Tiffany Curtis, Isaac Wortman, Stephen Andrew Lewis, Austin Bernier, Sarah Holbrook.

Scholarships were awarded as follows:

University of Maine Presidential Scholarship: Sarah Holbrook

Gilbert & Dorothy Thibeau Memorial: Austin Bernier

Philip & Margaret Orser Memorial Scholarship: Erica Thompson

Beta Sigma Phi-Perceptor Gamma: Erica Thompson, Andrew Tuck

Fort Fairfield Rifle & Pistol Club: Veronica Plourde

Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club: Kellyn McGillan

Frontier Fish & Game Club: Sarah Holbrook

Phyllis Fisher Gulliver: Erica Thompson, Jayanakadeja Williams, Tiffany Curtis, Veronica Plourde, Austin Bernier, Sydney Churchill, Sarah Holbrook,

Richard and Phyllis Lord: Austin Bernier

William G. Mortenson Sports: Sydney Churchill

MELMAC Foundation: Veronica Plourde

Fort Fairfield Teacher's Assoc.: Sarah Holbrook

Senator George Mitchell: Sarah Holbrook

FF Rotary Club: Sarah Holbrook, Erica Thompson

4th Degree Knights of Columbus: Kellyn McGillan, Veronica Plourde

Knights of Columbus: Chase Brooker, Emily Blaisdell

FF Lions Club: Erica Thompson, Andrew Tuck, Kellyn McGillan

FFHS Alumni Assoc.: Austin Bernier, Chase Brooker, Collin Cassidy, Sydney Churchill, Tiffany Curtis, Sarah Holbrook, Veronica Plourde, Erica Thompson, Andrew Tuck, Jayanakadeja Williams, Kellyn McGillan

Class of 1954: Austin Bernier

George James Memorial: Emily Blaisdell, Sarah Holbrook

V.F.W. Paul Lockhart Auxiliary: Austin Bernier, Sarah Holbrook

Ryan Clark: Austin Bernier, Collin Cassidy

Carl Robert Langley Memorial: Nathan Guimond

FF Education Fund: Erica Thompson

Arthur B. and Alberta M. Cyr Memorial: Erica Thompson

Fort Fairfield Fire Department: Sarah Holbrook

NMCC Presidential Scholarship: Spencer Campbell

Keith Clark Memorial: Sarah Holbrook

Lewis H. Kriger: Collin Cassidy, Tiffany Curtis

Maine College for ME: Emily Blaisdell

Ricker College Endowment: Sarah Holbrook

Main Street Scholarship: Tiffany Curtis, Jayanakedeja Williams

FF Athletic Boosters: Sydney Churchill

Doughty Family: Nathan Guimond

Bethel Baptist Church: Erica Thompson



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