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Fort Fairfield Town Council Approves 

Letter of Endorsement for Gun Manufacturers


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 1, 2013

Fort Fairfield Quality of Place council chairman, Phil Christensen has strongly suggested that Fort Fairfield piggyback on Governor LePage's recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that marketed Maine to gun manufactures by suggesting Maine is a gun-friendly state, even amongst many Democrats.

"He has suggested we make Fort Fairfield available for a firearms accessory manufacturer to come to our community and bring jobs," said Mike Bosse, Executive Director of the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.

Christensen authored a letter to be signed by the town council and addressed to Governor LePage. The tone of the letter is to inform the Governor that Fort Fairfield is amenable to gun manufacturers in their town and would like to see all avenues of possibility explored.

“This is not the town's economic foray into gun manufacturing. We are trying to attract somebody else who is going to do that,” explained Fort Fairfield town council member, John Herold. “The town is not going to be involved in the process only to the extent that the manufacturer may be leasing a building owned by the town. There are many ways we can work to attract good quality, light manufacturing businesses to locate here. I personally believe that something along this line is where the best economic future of our community lies. I think we should try to pursue it with all due interest and vigor with that in mind.

The text of the letter reads as follows:


Dear Governor LePage,

We commend you for your article in the Wall Street Journal declaring your welcome and support for the manufacturers of firearms and accessories. We have watched the evolution of strict anti-gun legislation in other states and want you to know that for some time we have been eager to declare our strong desire to have the makers of firearms and accessories come to Fort Fairfield.

Fort Fairfield has a gun-friendly population and a surplus of skilled workers with a strong work ethic. The addition of a firearms manufacturer would complement our present industry. Our citizens developed the Fort Fairfield Economic Development Investment Strategy in 2010 declaring our desire to initiate vibrant industrial growth.

We have a 12,000 square foot facility that can be made move-in ready and the willingness to support the development of new facilities to accommodate manufacturing. It can be viewed on our website at

We hope you will share our enthusiasm with appropriate members of your staff.

Please assure them that we will provide details of our facilities inventory and other material to support our desire, and to follow up on your invitation to restless firearms manufacturers. Should you or your staff require additional information our point of contact is Michael Bosse, Fort Fairfield's Economic and Marketing Director, at 472-3802 or Thank you for your consideration.



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