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Cyr Bus Hi-Jacking Fits Template for Government False Flag Staged Terrorist Attack

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, April 2, 2011

HOULTON, Maine - On March 30, at approximately 8:46 PM, Houlton Police Department (HPD) received a call from the US Border Patrol indicating that they had a subject on a Cyr bus making a bomb threat with what was later learned to be a fake bomb. The bus was stopped at the Irving truck stop between US Rte. 1 and the gas pumps. HPD quickly arrived on scene and secured the area. Sgt. Frederick Parker was the first supervisor to arrive on scene.

Sgt. Parker met with a US Border Patrol agent who informed him that a male subject on the bus had what appeared to be a detonator that had three wires connected to it. The wire went from the detonator to a bulge under his jacket and shirt. The suspect identified himself as Ruben Cullins, age 31, of Bronx New York. It was later learned that Cullins' actual name was Daniel Thomas Maccabee age 50, from Wisconsin.

According to HPD reports, Maccabee was born in Quebec Canada and a Canadian citizen. Sgt. Parker attempted to establish a rapport with Maccabee who displayed the detonator to him. Maccabee stated the detonator was what is known as a deadman’s (pressure) switch. The primary entrance of the Irving Truck Stop was secured and the individuals inside instructed to go to the rear of the store.

US Customs agents arrived and US Rte. 1 was shut down to north and south bound traffic. Traffic was safely detoured around the scene. Sgt. Parker spoke with Maccabee from the door of the bus. An attempt was made to provide Maccabee with a cellular phone but he refused it indicating that he didn’t trust the device. A Border Patrol agent provided Sgt. Parker with a list of Maccabee’s five demands: 1. Clear everybody out of the place, 2. Lock all exterior doors except for the front door, 2. unlock all interior doors and leave them open, 4. Do not shut off utilities! This includes phone, fax and Internet. Maccabee indicated that he wanted to go Murray’s Truck Stop at 198 Beardsley Road until he could make arrangements to get to the consulate.

The bus was traveling from Bangor to points north carrying seven passengers. Maccabee was allegedly telling the driver that he wanted to go to the Canadian border and to not stop in Houlton. Regardless, the driver proceeded to the truck stop as planned. Three female passengers were assaulted on the bus by Maccabee at the truck stop prior to them exiting. Maccabee informed one woman to get to the middle of the bus. When she didn’t, he punched her in the arm and asked her if she wanted to die. Maccabee kicked another female in the leg, displayed the detonator and informed her he wanted her seat. Maccabee grabbed the third female by the hair and pushed her off the bus. Maccabee positioned himself in the second seat from the front end of the bus on the passenger side. The bus parked between the Irving gas sign and the pumps.

"I arrived on scene at approximately 9:00 PM. Houlton police, the Maine State Police, US Customs and Border Protection, US Border Patrol, the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department arrived on scene to secure a perimeter or assist with traffic control," said Houlton Police Chief, Butch Asselin. "Maccabee displayed no drug or alcohol use. He stated that he was detained by three FBI agents as he stepped off a bus in Washington DC and detained in a hotel room. Maccabee wanted asylum in Canada. Maccabee also stated that he had some bomb building experience and was previously employed by the Israeli secret police."

The HPD report states law enforcement present had weapons drawn and were prepared to use deadly force had Maccabee not obeyed Sgt. Parker’s initial commands to remain seated in the bus and attempt to leave. Upon Chief Asselin’s arrival, a request was made for the State Police Tactical Team. Control of the scene was transferred to the tactical team at approximately 10:30 PM.

"Maccabee’s original plan was to force the bus to the Houlton Port of Entry, show the bomb to Canadian immigration authorities and demand asylum at the Israeli consulate in Ottawa. Once he arrived there, Maccabee indicated that he would give himself up," said Chief Asselin.

State police negotiators and bomb squad arrived on scene at approximately 11:15 PM. A remote controlled robot was used to communicate with Maccabee and provide live footage of the scene. Maccabee was provided a phone which he used to negotiate his demands with the state police.

"Officer Theron Bickford prepared arrest warrants for Maccabee’s arrest on charges of assault, aggravated reckless conduct and terrorizing. As the tactical team was preparing to extricate [Maccabee] from the bus with gas, he gave himself up. The arrest at that point was made without incident. Maccabee was transported to the Houlton Police Department. Members of the bomb squad searched the bus for explosive devices but found none."

The device which Maccabee was holding that resembled a detonator turned out to be a WII controller, intercom wire, duct tape and a spiral bound notebook.

The entire ordeal lasted approximately 9 hours. Some of the officers were released shortly after midnight.

Chief Asselin stated he was pleased with the outcome. He said all law enforcement displayed professionalism, patience and vigilance. "Once again, it was great to witness the level of cooperation each agency displayed. Whenever you have a situation like this and no one gets hurt, it’s a good day."

Maccabee’s last known address was 512 W. Wilson Street, Madison, WI.

At the present time, there is no evidence that this was a government-staged false flag event—like the notorious “crotch bomber”, of December, 2009—but the template seems to fit nicely. According HPD Chief Asselin, Macabee was “detained” by F.B.I. agents in D.C., but still allowed to get on the bus and continue his trek North. Synonymously to that event, the “crotch bomber” was found to have been shuttled through airport security by what appeared to passengers and witnesses to be U.S. intelligence agents in order to stage a fake bomb attempt that led to the marketing campaign to sell the X-ray backscatter (i.e. naked body scanner machines) devices now being installed at all major U.S. airports.

The company who builds and sells the naked body scanners is the Chertoff Group, formed by former U.S. Department of Homeland “Security” chief, Michael Chertoff, and stands to gain untold millions of dollars in contracts as more of their scanning machines get installed across the U.S. Their goals are to outfit train and bus depots, in addition to airports, with their X-ray machines, which bathe the passenger in dangerous levels of X-ray radiation.

The genesis of false flag events by the U.S. government was conceived in a plan called Operation Northwoods, which was offered up by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Kennedy. The tactic of Operation Northwoods was to use U.S. agents provocateur to blow up airliners and blame those acts on our political enemies. Kennedy subsequently dismissed that tactic and was executed a few months later.

All terrorist attacks—whether contrived, or bona-fide—always benefit the escalation of the monopoly of power all levels of government are lusting for in the U.S. today.

Outside of a legitimate terrorist event, it could be that Maccabee was either a witting FBI agent, or CIA mind control dupe who was being used to foster an environment of fear in order to get the citizenry to demand X-ray body scanning machines in bus terminals - which would be a boon to the economic profits of Chertoff's company while offering no appreciable level of security since buses and trains can be destroyed by malevolent actors on the nations' highways and rail systems without the need to actually be on board as a passenger.



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