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Maine’s Anti-Biometrics Law Leaves Opening for “Mark of the Beast” Style Technologies

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 7, 2012

In 2011, the Maine legislature passed a law a that purportedly prohibits the use of biometrics in its identification systems. However, it leaves a gaping loophole when it comes to digital photos as found on Maine driver’s licenses and identification cards.

The current statute prohibiting the use of biometrics states, “The Secretary of State may not use biometric technology, including, but not limited to, retinal scanning, facial recognition or fingerprint technology, to produce a license or nondriver identification card. This subsection does not apply to digital images.” (see 29-A MRS, §1401 (9) )

The digital biometric photos now extant on Maine—and many other states’—driver’s licenses are eerily similar to the Biblical “Mark of the Beast” noted in the Book of Revelation.

The Mark of the Beast is prophesied to be placed either on the “right hand” or “forehead” of people and those who choose not to accept it will not be able to buy or sell. “Right Hand” and “forehead” are not necessarily literal translations, but typify how those technologies will be used to control people in the end times.

The word "mark" comes from the Greek word χἀραγμα, charagma, which means: a “scratch, etching or stamp (as a badge of servitude)”; “a stamp that was once used on deeds of sale and similar documents that contained the name and regnal year of the emperor.”

The Greek word for 'forehead' is μέτωπον - metophon. It is derived from the word meta, which means “accompanying, participation, proximity, transfer or sequence” and the word ops, which means “face.”

In the Bible, the “Right Hand” is symbolic of power, strength and authority over one's self and his surroundings. In Greek, ‘Right’ is dexios which is derived from dechomai - “to receive, accept, take (willingly)” - an exercise of individual power to receive/accept something or not. “His right hand man” is an idiom describing one in whom authority is willfully delegated and can be trusted by the delegator.

Jesus sits at the “right hand of the father” making Him God's Right Hand Man. Biblically, the ‘right hand’ symbolizes God's authority over His creation, and man's authority over himself (free will) to contract or not contract with others around him, also in whom he will place his faith and trust.

In Revelation 13:16 , the “Mark of the Beast” is prophesied as being placed in the “Right Hand” or the “forehead”. It is quite probable that Right Hand in the socio-economic context of that verse, was being used colloquially for a person's power and authority over himself to willingly use some form of mark (or government identifier) when engaging in trade or commerce with another - not necessarily symbolic of a part of the body with four fingers and a thumb.

In Revelation, John was seeing something marked, or imposed upon either a person’s ability to contract or on their face (forehead). The power to impose is presumably the police power government exercises today.

Today, the digital biometric photos on driver's licenses are set up to allow face mapping of each individual's face. With current Federal and State mandates, ID cards are increasingly being used to verify citizenship as a precursor to employment. The day is near when nobody will be able to drive their automobile, or gain employment unless they have an ID card with face-marking biometric face scans. People will accept that system in their “right hand” as they devolve their right to freely contract by accepting government permission to contract with one another; indeed, to “buy or sell” only upon the government’s approval.

In Maine, people may not buy various items such as alcohol, cigarettes or firearms without an ID containing the digital biometric photo. People may also not be able to travel on planes, trains or busses without the digital biometric ID. As that system becomes more entrenched, the legislature will be able to expand the use of the biometric ID system to include the purchasing of all products or services, at which point the digital biometric photo will for all intents and purposes be functioning as the Biblical “Mark of the Beast.”

Representative Tyler Clark (R-Easton, Mars Hill, Fort Fairfield) was the only Republican during to 124th legislature to vote to repeal provisions of the Real ID Act. “The major reasons were the Democrats were trying to remove the requirement to submit a birth certificate to receive a license," Clark told the Fort Fairfield Journal. “Luckily, this new bill only dealt with biometrics. My belief that biometrics should not be used has nothing to do with 'Mark of the Beast' and I have no opinion on that subject. I do not support overreaching government, and there is a real possibility for abuse with biometrics.”

Maine statutes allow the Secretary of State to issue a waiver on the digital photo and issue driver's licenses or ID cards without the photo per his discretion (see 29-A MRS §1401 (2) (c). In 2007, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap granted a religious exemption waiver to this writer and issued a Maine driver's license without the digital biometric photo based upon this argument comparing the biometric photos to the Biblical Mark of the Beast.



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