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Carlin Receives 

Prestigious IGA Award


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 7, 2012

Scott and Rena Carlin recently accepted the Brand Development award at the IGA Awards of Excellence Ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Carlin family currently owns IGA stores in Fort Fairfield, Presque Isle and Mars Hill.

“The Brand Development Award is an honor that is bestowed at the discretion of IGA whenever we see an IGA member who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to IGA’s brand development,” said Tom Haggai, CEO of IGA, Inc. “This dedicated husband and wife team have persevered through every retailing challenge, using IGA’s resources and community focused image to build a strong and profitable business.”

Haggai says Carlin’s three IGA stores in Maine are the “true embodiment of IGA community centers” and noted that they not only serve their local community, but also Canadian shoppers who cross the border, as well.

Photo:  Scott and Rena Carlin (center) accept the IGA Brand Development Award at the IGA Awards of Excellence Ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They are accompanied here by Tom Haggai, Chairman, IGA, Inc. (left) and Mark Batenic, CEO, IGA, Inc.                                       photo/Ron Gavrilovic




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