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Fort Fairfield Could be Home to Relocated Gun Businesses

Gun manufacturers, dealers shunning anti-gun states, seeking gun-friendly locations

By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 6, 2013

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine—With nearly one hundred gun manufacturers and dealers across the country refusing to sell to the governments and police departments in states that restrict firearms ownership to their citizens, Fort Fairfield is in an excellent position to attract those businesses to set up shop in town.

As a whole, Maine is a gun-friendly state, has a gun-friendly governor and the local government and police department in Fort Fairfield is also amenable to firearms ownership by the general public.

“The establishment of any significant manufacturing company would be a tremendous boost to Main Street and the community. A gun manufacturer would add well paid specialists and managers benefiting our businesses, schools and the tax base. It is a great idea, and the time is right to hustle,” said Phil Christensen, chair of the Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council. “I will invite our team to explore the idea. I think we could develop ways to court this sector because it is a focused group.”

According to the website,, the gun manufacturers and dealers who will not sell to police departments or government agencies within states such as New York and California, or even municipalities who have restricted firearms ownership to their inhabitants are;



Extreme Firepower, Inc. LLC

Cheaper than Dirt

Midway USA


Dead Bang Guns

Delmarva Shooting Supply

Tier One Arms

Old Grouch’s Military Surplus

Predator Intelligence

LaRue Tactical

Southwest Shooting Authority

Olympic Arms

Templar Custom

Shade’s Landing, Inc.

York Arms

Southern Appalachian Arms

Bullwater Enterprises, LLC

West Fork Armory

Iron Goat Guns

Trident Armory

Smith Enterprise, Inc.

Alex Arms

OFA Tactical

Spike’s Tactical

Quality Arms Idaho

Liberty Suppressors

J&T Family of Companies

American Spirit Arms

Primary Weapons Systems

Tactical Solutions

Head Down Products, LLC

Exile Machine

J&G Sales, Ltd.

Bravo Company USA


Kiss Tactical

NEMO Arms, Inc.

Top Gun Supply

Red Jacket Firearms

Rock River Arms

Crusader Weaponry

Badger Peak

Controlled Chaos Arms

Big Horn Armory

One Source Tactical


SRT Arms

Norton Firearms

Umlaut Industries LLC
Warbirds Custom Guns


Stoner Arms

3 Rivers Precision LLC

2A Firearms

Lanco Tactical LLC

Thunder Beast Arms Corp

2A Armament

Rocky Top Tactical

Semper Fi Arms

Franklin Armory

Predator Tactical

Rhino Arms LLC

OJ’s Gun Shop

OCS Guns

Progressive Micro Devices

Citizen Arms

Csspecs Magazines


Gwacs Armory LLC

Huntertown Arms

Daniel Byer FFL

Critical Survival LLC

Dogleg Arms

Victory Defense

Boise Tactical LLC

Alpine Guns

Umbrella Corporation Research Group

3R1 Technologies

Bison Armory

Black Mountain Survival

The Tactical Toolbox

JCW Industries

Volquartsen Custom

Paige Firearms

Allstar Tactical

Precision Firearms

West Acre Sporting Goods

Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing

Downrange Defense LLC

Hansohn Brothers LLC

TJ General Store


Currently, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas have begun actively soliciting gun manufacturers and dealers in the anti-gun states of Connecticut, Maryland, New York and California to move to their states as soon as possible. So, those anti-gun state governments will not only be unable to buy firearms for their police from those companies, but will lose the tax revenue those companies contributed to their states to begin with.

Beretta, a nearly 500-year-old Italian gun manufacturing company is threatening to move their Maryland manufacturing plant – along with roughly 400 jobs – as Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley pushes one of the most ambitious gun-control agendas in the country. At least one other company in the United States is also considering such a move. The Colorado company Magpul, which makes high-capacity magazines and add-ons for semi-automatic rifles, took out a newspaper ad stating it would leave should the state pass a ban on such magazines and guns.



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