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Maine Police Being Trained that Christians, 

Constitutionalists May Be "Domestic Terrorists"


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 20, 2013

A new unit study, No. 1.12.0 allegedly being taught at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA), entitled “Sovereign Citizens” and labeled as Restricted to Law Enforcement, seems to be teaching Maine’s police officers that anyone who believes in the superiority of the Lord God over man and man’s government, or those who espouse the belief that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the land, are classified as “Sovereign Citizens” and should be considered potential domestic terrorists.

The course starts out with the instructor suggesting the U.S. and state governments are essentially dysfunctional and a menace to society. It goes on to insinuate that anyone who would seek to hold the criminal element that has taken over government at all levels accountable is somehow a domestic terrorist bent on doing unspeakable harm to patrol officers.

Both the U.S. and state governments have been basically hi-jacked by corporate interests in large, multi-national corporations and a meticulous banking syndicate, called the “Federal Reserve” (a privately owned banking cabal, not accountable to the Federal government), which has destroyed the purchasing power of U.S. currency by watering it down with cheap, counterfeit, debt-based Federal Reserve Notes over the past 100 years.

Those corporate chieftains who have gained power over the U.S. and Maine citizenry, and rule by proxy using an emasculated legislature, have gained the unwitting obedience and loyalty of Maine’s law enforcement officers and seek to keep those officers as their private security force to guarantee their monopoly of force over the people in Maine, as well as the entire U.S. To that end, they have crafted psychological warfare pieces such as this course at MCJA to brainwash the police that anyone who wants to hold them accountable and remove them from power is a threat to society and must be dealt with using extreme force.

The course defines a Sovereign Citizen as a person who “claim[s] to follow only God’s laws and the amendments found in the original Bill of Rights.” The course material is derived from such sources as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the notoriously anti-freedom hate group, The Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Holy Bible, a book used by Christians worldwide says specifically “...we ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29 KJV). This Biblical maxim, as proclaimed by the apostle, Peter appears to be at odds with today’s establishment police training at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

The course material attempts to link those who hold a belief in the Supremacy of God and Constitution over man’s government with so-called “domestic terrorists,” defining them as “groups or individuals operating entirely inside the U.S., attempting to influence the government or population to effect political or social change by engaging in criminal activity.”

In this context, the term “government” should be read as multi-national corporations and banking syndicates who are concerned about maintaining their force and power over the citizenry they have subjugated. These same criminal organizations have thus lobbied to have laws written to criminalize anyone who would attempt to either expose their shenanigans, or remove them from the position they unjustly hold in society. Ergo, any attempt to unseat them from their illegitimate power is now being considered “criminal activity.”

The course at MCJA goes on to suggest that so-called Sovereign Citizens “claim that [the] Federal Government used citizens as collateral against foreign debt.” This is actually a true statement. The “full faith and credit” that backs up the bonds the U.S. treasury sells to the private banks that make up the Federal Reserve, as well as foreign banks and investors is literally backed by the taxpayers’ ability to labor for money and the government’s ability to use a coercive police power to enforce collection of that money from the citizenry to be paid to those banks and investors. The course at the MCJA, however, fails to make that distinction and insinuates that statement to be somehow false.

The course also states one of the beliefs of Sovereign Citizens is that the “income tax is illegal”. That is true, in most cases, for the federal income tax. According to the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17), the federal government only has authority and jurisdiction on property ceded to it, such as federal parks, military bases, posts and dockyards, as well as territories and possessions of the United States. There is no grant of authority to collect a federal income tax within the several states unless a person volunteers to opt in to the payment system via the voluntary submission of a Social Security number as a prerequisite for employment (even though there’s no law requiring a SSN for employment in the U.S.). But, that fact seems to be lost on the individuals who prepared this course for the MCJA.

The course then suggests a sovereign is engaging in the nefarious activity of “creating their own currency.” It is not illegal for people in Maine or the U.S. to freely choose to barter and trade for any products or services they desire; if any particular product happens to rise in popularity within those trades it becomes a “currency” by default. The Federal Reserve forced its own private debt based currency on the American people in 1913 using a kept congress and unwitting police force. Since then, that private paper currency has lost nearly 99 percent of its original value, thus strip-mining the wealth of the American citizen by the hidden tax of inflation.

The course also identifies as potential domestic terrorists, people who fly upside down American flags (which is an internationally recognized symbol of distress), who say they are a free man traveling on the land; who cite various sections of the Uniform Commercial Code; and who use the terms “inhabitant” instead of “resident.”

As for the reference to “resident”, inhabitant is factually more correct. In Latin, residence is comprised of two words, res— “thing” and identitas— “identity”. Therefore, resident is a “thing identifier. Since people are not “things”, but as a noun are “persons” who inhabit a land, the word inhabitant is grammatically correct. The MCJA, however, and prefers us to use the commercial/collateralized version—resident—which is used by the government’s legal system to catalog and identify the “things” it claims to own.

The MCJA course also suggests those who “roll down their window enough to be heard” at a traffic stop may be domestic terrorists. However, this is the prudent course of action for all motorists when confronting a police officer of unknown temperament and demeanor—especially one who has been trained that people in society are potentially their deadly enemies.

The training course goes on to say that these domestic terrorists may write “under duress” beneath their signatures or cite various Uniform Commercial Codes. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the law governing contractual agreements and signatures thereto. There is nothing “terroristic” about the UCC. In fact, it is codified in the Maine Revised Statutes at Title 11.

. The Maine UCC does allow one to sign “under protest” or “without prejudice” when signing any contractual agreement (see 11 MRSA §1-1308) . This, however is lost on the MCJA as they attempt to keep the general public from knowing such facts—and brainwash the police into believing it’s an act of terrorism for one to stand up for their rights when entering into a contract with the State.

The MCJA course also states that potential domestic terrorists may film (video or audio record) interaction with the police that may later be posted to the internet; or they may demand the officer produce their oath of office.

The course concludes by stating, “With high unemployment, foreclosures of homes, the high cost if [sic] fuel and the growing consensus that the government is doing nothing to help, membership in the sovereign citizen movement is growing. The preparedness of law enforcement should be not IF I encounter a sovereign citizen but WHEN I encounter a sovereign citizen will I be prepared?”



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