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Wayne Troicke Retires as Executive Director of Fort Fairfield Housing Authority


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 9, 2018


   A retirement party was held for Wayne Troicke, outgoing Fort Fairfield Housing Association Director on Friday, April 20.  Troicke had been working for the Housing Authority since 2001 and has been the director for the past thirteen years.

   Gary Sirois, President of Fort Fairfield Residential Development Corporation and CIOP Corporation presented a plaque of recognition to Troicke at the luncheon.  “We've had some good times, we've had some challenging times.  I've got to give Wayne credit, he pulled us through all of them,” said Sioris.  Wayne has been instrumental for the Housing Authority and the town of Fort Fairfield in accomplishing the things that have been accomplished here.  For our two organizations it runs smooth and you have to have good people to have it run smooth.”

   Steve Lewis spoke and presented a plaque on behalf of the Fort Fairfield Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.   “Wayne's prior Air Force and I could see it in him and the tight ship that he runs,” said Lewis.  “There's some bumps and bruises every once in a while but that helps the ship be so tight here that even when he stepped down to retire, everyone just kept flowing; nothing changed and that's important.  That reflects on Wayne as a leader.  When you look at the staff, you can see Wayne.” 

   In accepting his congratulations, Troicke was humble and shared the spotlight with his employees.  “Both people who got up here talking about me were saying Wayne did this, Wayne did that.  But, I did the one simplest job, that's hire the people that could do the work.   We've had issues, we all have, but we got through them, we worked together and that's the only way the Housing Authority is ever going to work is when you all work together as a group and as a team.”

   Stacy (McNamee) Michaud has been working for the Fort Fairfield Housing Authority for six years and is the youngest employee.  But she is now the Executive Director, replacing Wayne. 

   “The Housing Authority is not going to be the same because it never is the same with a change of leadership,” said Troicke.  “But I know Stacy is going to do a great job, lead you through and continue to support your employees as I tried to support mine.”

   “Wayne took a chance on me on the High School field of soccer, when you asked who wants to work as a gardner?” said Michaud.   “Me and my friend were like, We do!  A few years later it was suggested that I apply for a job in the office.  I thought, oh, that's fancy.  I did not get the job but Wayne called me back a couple of months later to offer me the counselor's position and I've been here for six years, now.  So thanks, Wayne for taking a chance on me.”

   Troicke and his wife, Pat plan to stay in Fort Fairfield.